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The story of the fake of Gustave Sonon


 Dear lady,


I have received your contact details from my friend and hope that you will forgive me for this unorthodox contact.


My friend knows you personally. He met you when he visited your country a few years ago. He's about to become an old man. He no longer travels abroad due to illness or old age.


I told him I wanted to get in touch with a reliable and responsible German person. He told me about you and gave me your contact details.




I called your office twice. I spoke to someone who does not understand English. I then searched for your e-mail address and found your e-mail address.


So I decided to write to you immediately.


I need your help. Can you put me in touch with a German businessman or woman of high standing? This person should be willing to do business with me. There are millions at stake in this business. It must be completely risk-free, and it must be successful.


I need a highly qualified business person to do business with me. I need someone from Germany or Austria or Switzerland. I need someone who speaks good English.


It is not easy for me to get in touch with someone in Germany or in Switzerland or in Austria. Wh-why? Because the person can't easily trust me, because there is so much scam-mail circulating on the internet these days. Many of the spam mails come from Africa. So the person could think that I am a scammer too.


That is why I hesitate to talk to anybody on my own.  Please, help me.


I want to confirm that I can guarantee the sum of CFA13.968.034.124,38XOF in Europe, especially in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Our currency is CFA, with code XOF.


CFA13,968,034,124.38 equals US$24,331,896.89 USD or €21,294,130.75 EURO. The amount is held in a bank account of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport. Our government is not aware that CFA13,968,034,124.38 is in an account of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport. It is a coded secret account.


Currently I am the Minister of the Ministry of Public Work and Transport.


Our ministry's financial report is checked by an auditor who has made errors in the calculation and has not found the amount left over from previous years.


His audit has been signed off by our government and we have been relieved and have the full amount available.





I would like to redirect the amount of CFA13,968,034,124.38 to a foreign account and I need a reliable businessman in Germany, Austria or Switzerland to hold the amount in trust for the next 4 years and please put me in touch with a very reliable and serious businessman so that the matter can be settled to the satisfaction of all parties.


I will be leaving the Ministry of Public Works and Transport in 4 years and would like the amount of CFA13,968,034,124.38 to be refunded after that time and I need a very reliable trustee for that period of time for that amount.


I don't want to contact people personally and be considered unse-rioes or scam, as this kind of scam is done worldwide on the internet. Any person who has ever received such letters of fraud, with promises of millions of dollars deposited in large banks, will put my offer in the same "drawer" of fraud.


To prevent me from getting into that, I have contacted you and ask you to put me in touch with a serious and reliable trustee who will hold the amount in trust for 4 years. The amount will be provided with legal documents that will stand up to any scrutiny, so that the amount can be credited to the trustee's account by the usual bank transfer method.


Officially, the trustee has delivered 50,000 tons of bitumen (asphalt) and will receive the above-mentioned amount as payment of the invoice from the Ministry of Public Works and Transport.
In order to carry out this procedure, once you have found a reliable trustee, I need them to send me their full name (with identity), name of their company, office, telephone, mobile and fax number, email address and office address, so that I can prepare the necessary documents and program them into our database.


In case of a successful partnership agreement I will promise you a prize within a few days and hope to have aroused your interest.


Again for better understanding, I do not speak and understand German and need a trustee who speaks perfect English and can conduct the correspondence in English, so that I do not have to ask my friend to do the translations for me and I can conduct the correspondence directly with the trustee.


Any future direct correspondence should be conducted in English and it would be of great advantage if my future partner could speak and write English perfectly, as I have a perfect command of this language.


Below the following two email addresses you can reach me at any time. Entries are constantly controlled by me.






I am extremely grateful for a quick response.




Mr Gustave SONON


cabinet minister


Ministry of Public Works and Transport


Republic of Benin









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