Good day to you. I am sorry to disturb you but i have a great proposal for you. My name is
Yana Rifat, i am an Egyptian but living in Syria for the past 20 years.
May you permit me to inform you of my desire to go into business relationship with you personally
or with your company, for a lucrative offshore investment partnership belonging to me and my Syrian
best childhood friend.
There has been bad situation of things in Syria and the deteriorating of things here day in day out.
Lots of damages are still going on as i believe you aware of this fact.



I will like to get to know more about you and go into business relationship with you, Our intention in
this matter is to have offshore investments project in your country due to lacking stability,subject to
change and unstable political condition in Syria. I believe you must have heard and seen a little about
these hard times on CNN which has been going on for some time now.
Your position in this arrangement will be as follows:
{1} To incorporate and co-ordinate the investments project.
{2} To decide on which lucrative venture we can invest in your county.
{3} To discuss about your investment philosophy.
{4} Your qualification and ability to provide investment managements service.
{5} You will be the president of the company {indigenous law of investment considered}
{6} Free choice to meet and discuss the subject matter of the investment.
If this proposal meet your consideration approval and your answers to above questions are acceptable
by me and my colleague, We shall supply you with more details for us to further with this investment.
We really want this executed ASAP due to the current situation in Syria.
Hoping to read from you as soon as possible.
Warm regards,
Yana Rifat.


Compensation Scam

Photo by Muhammadtaha Ibrahim Ma'aji on Unsplash

15-Oct-2020 By Editors Desk

Scammers' Evergreen

This is the newest one   Probably they are beginners who send this mail from Benin. The phone number can be fake and

08-Aug-2020 By Mfasi


Again another compensation scam.  American Savings Bank 7033-South West Fwy #1100 Houston Tx77099 Tell: 405 367 82

German Scam