Scammers' loo 

Christmas greetings from the scammers' loo again.

This time again with an audacious story about abandoned gold.

Of course, this does not exist.

Addres Kolebentin, Private Investigation Services

Now the counter-intelligence has already intervened in the scammer business, as the writer stated. An unbelievable story about dead people, zombies and the walking undead.  But whoever has read the mail knows that it is following the same pattern again.

Some insane claims about abandoned diplomatic goods.

149 kg of gold at the current price is a small fortune. But nothing is as much as 25% of nothing - the cost the scammers want. There are the transportation and customs fees, there are the notary fees. Oh, scammers always find something.

Move the mail straight to the digital trash can, don't give out any personal data.

No documents. And don't believe the story, we have published a dozen variations of the story by now.  The company International Counterintelligence Services (ICS) in Guernsey, Channel Island certainly has nothing to do with it, but its name has been misused. This also happens to you when you give your details to the scammers. 

Here is the strange mail: 




Season greetings.


I apologize for this informal way of contacting you which I believe would be most effective with regards to the message I intend to bring to your notice. It is imperative that I adopt this means of communication to safeguard my interest and guarantee that secrecy is not compromised.


I am Addres Kolebentin, a private investigator working under the Guernsey private investigators. A Private Investigation Services provided by International Counterintelligence Services (ICS) in Guernsey, Channel Island. 


I have been hired by a Security Firm to conduct an investigative search as the situation at hand demands urgent attention from all presumed beneficiaries. A flurry of mergers and acquisitions is sweeping through the EU, UAE, United kingdom and Channel Islands financial sector as leading Security & financial institutions and micro-finance institutions (MFIs) prepare for the four regions economic integration due to the global effect of covid 19 pandemic across the globe.


As a private investigator, my professional services have been hired by the security firm in order to investigate and provide relatives of the long deceased customer who died intestate in London on 14/01/2014  as they have  not been unable to locate the relatives of the deceased during their search.


Before his death, The deceased deposited One Trunk Box/Diplomatic Pouch containing amongst others money and 149kg of gold at a security company as a family heirloom (name and location withheld for now). Documentation regarding this transaction indicate that claim can only be made by his relative. 


But now the company is anticipating someone with the same surname () specifically referred from my office to claim the money. All my efforts to get his family relatives have not been successful, so i came across your contact information and decided to ask for your cooperation. consequently I found it as an opportunity to make a deal with you in order for me to present you as the only surviving member of deceased extended family so that the consignment of money and gold will be released to you for our sharing.


He had no next of kin and I am contacting you today because we can inherit this fortune through some legal trickery because you bear the same last name and we will prepare all necessary legal binding documents that will enable this Security company release the said consignment to you if you accept this offer. I am ready to share with you 25% for you and 75% will be kept for me, I am contacting you because I cannot stand in the forefront to claim the consignment because I am currently appointed as the private



I will like you to provide me with the following details if you are interested:


(1) Your Valid Direct Tel/ Mobile No

(2) Your Full Name:

(3) Current Resident Address.

(4) Your Private E-mail Address.

(5) Your Occupation:

(6) Your Age and Sex:

(7) Your Nationality:


All arrangements have been made by me here to execute a successful partnership together with you. I must remind you of the

confidentiality of this Transaction at hand whatever your decision.


I look forward to your quick response.


Yours Faithfully,


Addres Kolebentin


His answer:

Thank you for your response to my message.
I want to sincerely appreciate your noble personality considering the response coming from you. In as much as I am making you this offer, I want you to know that I am as noble as you are. My reason for this decision is not for the sole purpose to enrich myself but to
deter the corrupt top government officials in converting the said money and gold treasure into their  pockets. According to the federal government law of Guernsey, any unclaimed funds by  within 7 years by a beneficiary to a deceased person, the money will automatically  be converted into the federal government purse. The fact remains that the corrupt government official convert usually
covert the money into their personal purse and I do not want this to happen. My primary aim of this radical decision is to set aside 40% out of my share and donate to one of  the research and development bodies working on getting permanent cure for covid-19. I will be fulfilled in life if I can make this happen.
On the issue of tax, note that we will not be invading tax as everything regarding the transaction will be legally carried out in order not to  breach the law. Nothing to worry about on this.
Thank you once again as your cooperation is anticipated.
Addres Kolebentin




He was insisting on closing a deal: 



I am not surprised at your message because my proposition is a unique and precise. I for one, I am only just being honest with you and genuinely want to carry out this scheme in order to actualize my major reason for my radical decision.


I can honestly tell you I will be more comfortable to partner with you in this transaction as your first response to my email has earned you my trust and respect. Your first response clearly shows you are an honest person that can be rely on. It shows you can be trusted.

We both have a common ground, hence I would sincerely want us to partner in this scheme.


Note that  we can handle this process together and I can assure you it will  not overwhelm us. We can handle the process together  and I need you to trust me on my word as I am the master planner of this offer




Addres Kolebentin



Mortal danger- Alluvial Gold Bars 


A particularly brazen piece comes from the gold industry, or the industry that claims to be it. 

Felix Oneire does not exist. The mine does not exist either. It is a single rip-off. Using a phone number from Senegal in Sierra Leone as a business number makes no sense. The offer is absolutely bizarre and would not be made by any mine in this form. 

If you ask about the legality of these deals, the contact immediately falls asleep. What you should not to do at all and that is what the perpetrators are after, is to fly to Senegal. You would simply be robbed. Nobody would survive that and there have been numerous cases that have emerged from such "meetings" with even the most serious injuries.

It is a mixture between scam and rip deal.

The trail leads to Dakar. The governments in Senegal and Sierra Leone are, by their admission, doing everything they can to combat such deals. But African police forces are not armed against the flood of dealers, who also offer such deals to private individuals, sometimes only with one kilogram. Do not answer, contact the police if one of the gold dealers puts you under pressure. Move the mail into the digital trash can. Never travel to a meeting. You risk your life for a few euros


Felix Oneire,


Felix Oneire,

Felix Oneire,



Product:- Gold Bars, Bullion, Ingots
Specs:- Alluvial Gold Bars
Quantity:- 200 kg
Weight:- 22 Carats
We supply gold bars, gold dust and rough diamond and we mine our gold dust from our family mine in Africa and supply top quality gold dust and rough diamonds to the world market.
Please contact me if you're interested.

Kind regards,




Dear Sir,

Our  FCO  is attached for your perusal and if you have any further
question,do not hesitate to ask




Another insane story of a man who calls himself Ricardo Allison.

Allegedly he is working for the South African energy provider ESKOM. The story is of course absolutely far-fetched and does not correspond to the truth. ESKOM has no need to conduct correspondence via Gmail.  Besides, where to go with 35 million US dollars.

ESKOM would do business in Rand or in Euro.

Also, Ricardo Allison is not known to the energy company with project 14. From this one can conclude Scammer ruin the reputation of international companies. The mail is pointless, badly done and belongs in the digital trash can. 





Contact me on Private Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

CONFIDENTIAL Hello , I am a member of the contract award committee and 14 project allocation manager, of the Department of Minerals and Natural Resources in South Africa; I am in search of an agent to assist me in the transfer of (USD35M) and subsequent investment in properties in your country.

You will be required to. (1) Assist in the transfer of the said funds (2) Advise on lucrative areas for investment (3) Assist me in purchase of properties. If you decide to render your service to me in this regard, 50% of the total sum of USD35M will be for you and 50% will be for me. Thank you and God bless, as I wait anticipating your fullest co-operation. On acceptance of this email,Kindly send to me your full names and private phone number so that we can talk over the phone.

Yours Faithfully, Mr. Ricardo Allison N.B: Please endeavor to send me a response via my more Confidential email address (above) for further details.


 Dear lady,


I have received your contact details from my friend and hope that you will forgive me for this unorthodox contact.


My friend knows you personally. He met you when he visited your country a few years ago. He's about to become an old man. He no longer travels abroad due to illness or old age.


I told him I wanted to get in touch with a reliable and responsible German person. He told me about you and gave me your contact details.




I called your office twice. I spoke to someone who does not understand English. I then searched for your e-mail address and found your e-mail address.


So I decided to write to you immediately.


I need your help. Can you put me in touch with a German businessman or woman of high standing? This person should be willing to do business with me. There are millions at stake in this business. It must be completely risk-free, and it must be successful.


I need a highly qualified business person to do business with me. I need someone from Germany or Austria or Switzerland. I need someone who speaks good English.


It is not easy for me to get in touch with someone in Germany or in Switzerland or in Austria. Wh-why? Because the person can't easily trust me, because there is so much scam-mail circulating on the internet these days. Many of the spam mails come from Africa. So the person could think that I am a scammer too.


That is why I hesitate to talk to anybody on my own.  Please, help me.


I want to confirm that I can guarantee the sum of CFA13.968.034.124,38XOF in Europe, especially in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Our currency is CFA, with code XOF.


CFA13,968,034,124.38 equals US$24,331,896.89 USD or €21,294,130.75 EURO. The amount is held in a bank account of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport. Our government is not aware that CFA13,968,034,124.38 is in an account of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport. It is a coded secret account.


Currently I am the Minister of the Ministry of Public Work and Transport.


Our ministry's financial report is checked by an auditor who has made errors in the calculation and has not found the amount left over from previous years.


His audit has been signed off by our government and we have been relieved and have the full amount available.





I would like to redirect the amount of CFA13,968,034,124.38 to a foreign account and I need a reliable businessman in Germany, Austria or Switzerland to hold the amount in trust for the next 4 years and please put me in touch with a very reliable and serious businessman so that the matter can be settled to the satisfaction of all parties.


I will be leaving the Ministry of Public Works and Transport in 4 years and would like the amount of CFA13,968,034,124.38 to be refunded after that time and I need a very reliable trustee for that period of time for that amount.


I don't want to contact people personally and be considered unse-rioes or scam, as this kind of scam is done worldwide on the internet. Any person who has ever received such letters of fraud, with promises of millions of dollars deposited in large banks, will put my offer in the same "drawer" of fraud.


To prevent me from getting into that, I have contacted you and ask you to put me in touch with a serious and reliable trustee who will hold the amount in trust for 4 years. The amount will be provided with legal documents that will stand up to any scrutiny, so that the amount can be credited to the trustee's account by the usual bank transfer method.


Officially, the trustee has delivered 50,000 tons of bitumen (asphalt) and will receive the above-mentioned amount as payment of the invoice from the Ministry of Public Works and Transport.
In order to carry out this procedure, once you have found a reliable trustee, I need them to send me their full name (with identity), name of their company, office, telephone, mobile and fax number, email address and office address, so that I can prepare the necessary documents and program them into our database.


In case of a successful partnership agreement I will promise you a prize within a few days and hope to have aroused your interest.


Again for better understanding, I do not speak and understand German and need a trustee who speaks perfect English and can conduct the correspondence in English, so that I do not have to ask my friend to do the translations for me and I can conduct the correspondence directly with the trustee.


Any future direct correspondence should be conducted in English and it would be of great advantage if my future partner could speak and write English perfectly, as I have a perfect command of this language.


Below the following two email addresses you can reach me at any time. Entries are constantly controlled by me.


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


I am extremely grateful for a quick response.




Mr Gustave SONON


cabinet minister


Ministry of Public Works and Transport


Republic of Benin






Hello Dearest One,


My Name is Madam Aishat Yusuf I am a Medical practitioner by profession, please I write to seek your assistance to help I and my two daughters in achieving our aim of relocating out of Syria, I am contacting you because I will like to invest in your country/company, but I don't know anybody that will help me and my two daughters.


Dear Respectfully, I am believing you will be sincerely in acceptance to help us achieve our heart desire and I can assure you that we will compensate you very well by making you a permanent stake holder that will manage and direct the day to day affairs of the investments which we will invest in your country.


Buildings, Hotels


I am searching for a reliable and trust worthy person to assist me that is my reason of contacting you to know if you will be of assistance to me. I have $25 Million dollars to invest in a profitable business in your country/company.


The money is right now in a private security vault in Europe. If you can handle it then let me know so that we shall plan how to meet ourselves to workout modalities.Contact me back if you are interested,


I am looking at investing the fund into Real Estate Business, Such as commercial Buildings, Hotels, and Resorts centers, in this form it will help me and my two daughters out of this hell hole


I am looking forward to your favorable response


Madam Aisha Yusuf


Buildings, Hotels
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