Nomen est Omen

Here is the name  the program - Lungisa Fuzile, South African bank magnate, who allegedly has money from a tsunami inheritance to distribute. The scam is as bad as its author. Put it in the digital bin and don't answer. It's hoax.

I am conscious that this email might not be a proper manner of approach to foster a relationship of trust but because of the
circumstances and urgency surrounding this venture, I decided to reach you via this medium
to join me put claims on this fund before it is seized or confiscated by the authorities.

I got your contact information in the public records while searching for a similar name to
my late associate,whom i was his accounts officer, a Business Magnate and contractor that lived in Spain for Nineteen
years but died with his family during the TSUNAMI in INDONESIA and BALI that occurred in
December 2004. Do not be amazed by this letter, I am contacting you based on trust and
confidentiality attached to this transaction.

the good news is that this transaction is 100% risk free as I have worked all out to
complete the operation effectively. Once this fund is released to you, it will be shared
in the ratio of 40% for you, and 60% for me as our benefit which is ($7. 4 Mi llion for
you) and ($1 1.04 Mill ion for me). Please endeavor to get back to me via reply mail
whether you are willing to collaborate with me or not so that I may further my search for
another partner.

I wait for your prompt reply.

Lungisa Fuzile

Compensation Scam

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15-Oct-2020 By Editors Desk

Scammers' Evergreen

This is the newest one   Probably they are beginners who send this mail from Benin. The phone number can be fake and

08-Aug-2020 By Mfasi


Again another compensation scam.  American Savings Bank 7033-South West Fwy #1100 Houston Tx77099 Tell: 405 367 82

German Scam