Crude Oil, Managing Director Port Harcourt Refining Company

In this case someone is really trying to sell nothing but make a decent profit. It does not exist. 

It is complete scam. Throw it in the bin. 


The mail: 

I'm honored to draw your attention to this investment proposal with sincere belief that you will see the embedded benefits therein. My name is Shehu Malami - Managing Director Port Harcourt Refining Company -Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation-NNPC. My proposed investment fund is a legitimate entitlement earned from the sales of Crude oil on behalf of the Corporation-NNPC.

As a practice, the sales of Crude oil on behalf of the corporation is handle by the multi-nationals companies known as category "A" sales agent and the commission agent known as category "B" sales agent. While the category "A" sales agents are paid directly by the Corporation NNPC through a payment system called Crude Oil swap deal because of huge volume of sales, payment to category "B" sales agent is handled by the federal ministry of finance.

With this understanding, I tactically used my office to facilitate sales of Crude Oil under the category "B" to a cumulative sum over a period of time, but the accrued total payment has not been paid because I cannot directly receive the fund in my country since I am still working as a public servant. It is for this reason I contacted you to stand as the category "B" sales agent to receive the accrued sum for our joint investment in your country.

If you are capable and can be trusted, get back to me with your information for more details.



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