RE: Shipment Document BL,INV and packing list.7942792141




In the last few hours, unknown culprits loaded millions of these mails.   

Be aware it's a fake mail, from a fake account. Attached with malware.

The Emotet Freezer disguises itself as a download file. Never access this alleged packing list.  It would cause considerable damage to yourself and your data. Your computer's data would be encrypted and alien individuals would demand a considerable amount of money for decrypting it, and it remains unclear whether the data would ever be available again. 

Never  download, but check to see if you expect such a delivery. If not, move it to the digital trash can immediately. 

478KBDHL SHIPMENT AWB.# 7942792141

Dear Customer,

Attached is the Original Shipping documents and BL as assigned to deliver to you.

Notification for shipment event group "Pick Up" for 18, November, 2020.

AWB Number: 7942792141
Pickup Date: 2020-11-18 14:44:09 
Service: Express 
Pieces: 1
Cust. Ref:  


Thank you for shipping with DHL Express!

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Compensation Scam

Photo by Muhammadtaha Ibrahim Ma'aji on Unsplash

15-Oct-2020 By Editors Desk

Scammers' Evergreen

This is the newest one   Probably they are beginners who send this mail from Benin. The phone number can be fake and

08-Aug-2020 By Mfasi


Again another compensation scam.  American Savings Bank 7033-South West Fwy #1100 Houston Tx77099 Tell: 405 367 82

German Scam