Thank for your anwer. I attach gold sample so u find buyer for us

     Thank you for your readiness to be My partner and confidant towards achieving this transaction together. The fund is deposited in a security Vault in Benin-Republic  Considering the disaster that fell on my parent in china,I have been advised by my late father Lawyer to transfer these Funds to someone Offshore who can help me to invest the funds wisely in a lucrative business as the bonafide beneficiary.  You will be given 10% of the total amount and 10% on the ROI (RETURNS OF INVESTMENT).I am looking at a long term Investment of 5-10 years and a Return of Investment of 15-20% yearly. What is the present economy situation in your country? What is the nature of taxation your country?

      Please confirm if Investing This Amount in YOUR COUNTRY will be very lucrative and wise for me ?   What is the Economic and political situation your country?   

    Paula Nicholas

    Please can you inform me on the business opportunities that are available your country   Do foreigner allow  to establish a business your country?  Do you have any GOLD BUYERS to buy this stuff?  If you have any good investment project in mind and also agree with me on how the profit of the business will be shared then we can start with the business.  My intention is to Invest into  any business like Real Estate or any other sector of your suggestion.  I do not want to hire you for services but to make you My partner and the beneficiary of the funds.   Please note that the funds in question,is so arising from my late father hard earn business achievement over the years and it is presently secured with a private finance company. Now to take all necessary security measures,I cannot openly make claim of these funds from the Vault due to my Late father has instruct the lawyer that the fund should be release directly to foreign patner who can invest this funds wisely for me.  This is the main reason of me contacting you. However, arrangements can be made to convey these funds to you as my bonafide  Trustee in order to execute this investment plans in your Country once you indicate your full interest in this deal.  If you are willing and ready to partner with us then you must consider contacting my lawyer for normal procedure on how you will receive this fund and  traveling to meet me here in person . Call me to check my email immeadiately you sent me reply in other to speed up the process.  Yours Faithfully, Paula Nicholas Mobile-+22962099023 

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    Re: Dear Consignment Owner

    This is to inform you that your courier service deliveryman has arrived with your over-due inhheritance fund consignment box value $10million dollars in Los Angeles International Airport California, United States, as their transit.

    If you have got friends like this, you don’t need enemies

    I am very sorry for my late response, due to the fact i'm a banker, i'm always busy.

    Again Mr Godwin Emefiele

    And again an insane story about the governor of the Nigerian Central Bank.

    A Fata morgana from the International Monetary Fund

    Kindly be informed that recipients shall be liable to all cost arising for the delivery of the donation parcel. This is due to Legal law protecting all donation funds misappropriation.

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