FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION Be aware! Fraudsters use international crises for their purpose

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    During this international crisis, some figures feel that they are destined to put pressure on users of the Internet to put themselves in the limelight.

    They are only interested in paying the fee for the delivery of a card that does not exist. Most of the time it’s around 200 US$. Since March, they try to work with this method. In German and English.
    A very bad scam is that of the gentleman who pretends to be the director of the FBI and allegedly wants to have a card sent to pay a non-existent debt. The FBI director would certainly not use a google email address to carry out his official duties. 
    There may be a Mr. Wray who heads the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, but not in this context. Mr. David Beardsley is merely a decorative attachment. If the FBI should wish to approach you, certainly not in this way – others probably through their embassies in the country. Forget, when you receive the mail please check the contents, move the mail into the digital trash can, don’t give any information about yourself. The perpetrators, who probably come from West Africa, would use them without mercy. 

    Advertising on the scammer. news is cheap and brings lots of readers.

    WASHINGTON, I.E. 20535

    We, the High Commission, have received a report of fraudulent acts
    against you and at a meeting with the government and the World High Commissions on Fraud
    Activities of citizens, yours are among the fraudulent activities as defined by the
    Intelligent Finance Unit (NFIU). A refund has been issued.
    in the form of an ATM DEBIT CARD in the amount of 2,316,000USD (two million,
    three hundred and sixteen thousand dollars of the United States) and has
    that have already been distributed to you as victims.

    Your ATM card was among those reported undelivered at our request.
    to advise you to follow the committee’s instructions to ensure
    you will receive your ATM CARD immediately for your use. NFIU more
    has informed us that the use of couriers has been abolished because
    Interception measures noticed in the above-mentioned courier
    Services in which the Financial Intelligent Unit has a concrete
    Agreement with the courier service for a safe delivery to your
    Door step, as soon as the beneficiary meets the demand of the transport.

    We advise you to do what is necessary to ensure
    reward in time. You are assured of the security of your ATM CARD.
    availability, you should also be advised that you should set further contacts
    with all those fake lawyers and security firms who, in cooperation.
    immediately enter into a fraudulent transaction with you to check whether the delivery date
    suits you.

    You must cut off all contact with other companies that send you e-mails.
    online about money, and direct them all to their
    e-mail and mobile phone numbers and you will contact Mr David Beardsley for
    Your ATM DEBIT CARD via his e-mail:
    ( Let us know immediately
    received there.

    Yours sincerely,

    WASHINGTON, I.E. 20535

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