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    This story has been spooking on the Internet since 2013. Always with changing casts. It is one of the cheapest stories on the scammer market in Lagos. No one would fall for these lyrics. These are Nigerians trying to get some accounting fees. Always between 85 and 990 euro. Do not answer, throw the letter into the digital dustbin. They are not worth it.

    Advertising in the is cheap and productive. It brings lots of costumers to your service or products.

    United Bank Groups Real Solution
    215 Wichita Falls, Texas,
    United States 77539 USA.
    Telex Unit Director
    Mr Ashley Sherlock

    I am Ashley Sherlock, United Bank Groups Real Solution (UBGRS) With
    reference to your entitlement fund and inline with the CHANGE OF
    BENEFICIARY’S APPLICATION, signed by Mrs. Glenda F. Ward with your
    purported authorization. This issue has been carefully examined and we
    have declined Mrs. Ward’s application as the application lacks regular
    signature. But Did you ever instruct Mrs Glenda F. Ward to claim your
    fund worth of $10,000,000.00 (Ten Million, United States
    Dollars),Below is the bank account information provided by Mrs Glenda
    F. Ward saying that you authorized her to claim your fund that you are
    terminally ill.

    2. BANK ADDRESS: Kerrville Texas 78028 USA
    3. ACCOUNT #: 3202650
    4. ROUTING #: 114922443

     If you had not authorized the change of your bank account in respect
    to your outstanding entitlement Payment, therefore notify me that
    Mrs. Glenda Ward who claim and stated in the sworn declaration that
    you authorized her to claim the said fund on your behalf to a
    different bank account in the U.S.A as stated above because you were
    terminally ill and the Doctor who is in charge of your case stated
    that you will not stay more than one Month before passing away.
     This development has caused lots of discrepancies in your payment
    file that is why we had to suspend your payment and prompted to
    contact you directly before re-validating your payment. You can be
    rest assured that I will do everything within my capacity to
    successfully actualize the quick transfer of your fund to any of your
    nominated bank account.

     Kindly get back to me with this email
    ( as soon as possible so that
    we can direct you on what to do.

    Sincerely Yours
    Ashley Sherlock

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    Advertising in the is cheap and productive. It brings lots of costumers to your service or products.

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