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Lost and Found Scam

Another Eric thomes…

Another new version of the old story of the boxes with new mail addresses,...
Lost and Found Scam

Plenty of Boxes with Money- Old Fairy Tale

This time it’s the Mr. David Perry Moyes story again, which is only after cash boxes. The story varies but is always advantageous for the...
Lost and Found Scam

New Staff at the Scam Airport of Atlanta

Yes, yes, once again the airport in Atlanta and then also the same false story, under different names, once as staff of the airport, once...
Lost and Found Scam

It’s scammers autumn again – here they come again with the inspection units

It's autumn again and already the men from the scammer control unit are turning up at airports and really finding suitcases full of money everywhere....
Lost and Found Scam

Oh, another inspector with a Nigerian return path

The old story of the boxes with new telephone numbers and mail addresses, otherwise the makers of this madness have unfortunately not eliminated the errors...

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