Scammer News

Month : May 2021

Sex jacking

Another Bitcoin Sextortion Orgasm

First, thanks to the readers who submitted this shoddy extortion attempt to us. Criminal charges have been filed, as in every such case. One can...
Nigeria Scam Impersonators Godwin Emefiele

Mr. David L Smith and Mr. John Shook

Surprise, surprise Godwin Emefiele has got another fake clone...
Refugee Scam Romance Scam

The story of Mariyah Khalifa

A new scam from the field of refugee scams: Mariyah Khalifa program, supposedly from Senegal, garnished with abundant fake images, the program is new on...
German / Deutscher Scam Afrikanischer Scam Fake Lieferungen

Beute beim Islamischen Staat-Sarah Rittershouse Scam

Man wundert sich schon. Der Trick ist alt und wir und unsere Leser kennen diese fast identischen Zeilen seit den Ergüssen der Vorerzähler, nur das...

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