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Compensation Scam

Senator Bob Menendez Scam (1)

A cauldron of colour-Senator Bob Menendez Scam Since we already know all the strange numbers that have sprung from the sick head of a scammer...
Compensation Scam

Rick Ruzzi is alive – but with another Job

Unfortunately, the zombie among all scammers is still alive: Rick Ruzzi....
Nigeria Scam ATM Scam Compensation Scam

ATM Card from Lagos, Nigeria – the bad story of LADI BALOGUN

Drunk on all the documents, the victim is supposed to transfer the 150 US to a man who is apparently in an electronics store, if...
Compensation Scam

Fraud Victims Compensation by Scammer James Mark

From the depths of Africa comes another email this morning that cannot be surpassed in impudence and stupidity....
Compensation Scam Nigerian Scam

Eric Thompson – Scammers Secret Service

We had to laugh when a reader sent us this bizarre piece of scam. On behalf of a Nigerian, the agent Thompson writes. Miserable....

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