Scammer News

Month : February 2021

Corona or Covid19 Scam Africa Scam

It's a shock email designed to get the recipient to respond immediately....
Africa Scam Corona or Covid19 Scam

Covid-19 scam – Lately in the Mashonaland -the Angela Campbell scheme
It is by far the most impertinent scams our editorial team has ever come across in all these years. First, the pitiful fate of Rhodesian...
German / Deutscher Scam Scammer Alarm

Nun scammen auch schon die Illuminaten
Man weiß eigentlich sehr wenig über die Illuminaten, aber sicherlich, dass diese nicht scammen müssen. Nun sehen sich einige Geister ausersehen, Beitrittformulare im "Scammerstil" und...
Blackmailing Scam

Dorottaya Hameed – a guarantee for blackmail and insults
It seems to be one of the blackmail programmes that perpetrators have designed with the story of an orphan who has supposedly fled. They are...
Refugee Scam

Ms.Dorottaya Hameed is crying for help
The refugee scam of Ms. Dorottaya Regina Garia Hameed is a particularly brazen scam....

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