Scammer News

Month : December 2020

International Blackmailing Chinese Scam

Another Chinese Parasite

From a third-class hotel, someone who specializes in international blackmailing is active...
Covid19 Scam German / Deutscher Scam

Von Wegen: Erschwingliches Darlehensangebot!!!

Eine besonders brutale Gruppe, die augenscheinlich aus Russland kommt, sich aber mit Indien tarnt, ist dieser Darlehensverein, der in Indien darauf geiert, die angeblichen Gebühren...
Featured Compensation Scam

1900 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20431 USA…

Diplomats and Money The latest letter in the Scammers International Monetary Fund's series may have been drafted by a lunatic who has completely lost control...
Nigeria Scam

Merry Christmas Mr Emefiele

Merry Christmas Mr Emefiele Godwin seems to be on our daily table. Another fake of his presence came today....

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