Scammer News

Month : August 2021

Heritage Scam

The spooky ghost of Rick Ruzzi

Another story from Rick Ruzzi, who is now almost through every branch in the USA, in fast-forward since his first appearance in January 2021....
IMF Scam

Nigerian Phishers

Of course, none of this story is true, several scammers sent this bizarre outline of a madman to our readers. Some of our readers were...
Refugee Scam

A cold in Cotonou-Benin Republic the ugly refugee scam from Teresa Anders

romance scam killer
At a time when people all over the world are seeking refuge from despots and other political rabble, scammers from West Africa think they can...
ATM Scam Featured Government Scam

New Scammer Program -PAYMENT OF US$25,000.000.00USD FROM F.B.I.

Of course, this is another hoax. Someone wants money, in this case 650 US$ - for nothing....

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