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False Advise Scam Nigerian Scam

Five hours later with another Reverent

A story from the Nigerian madhouse of scammers. Truth is zero and not worth the letters on the screen. This scam is for information retrieval:...
Bank Scam Compensation Scam Nigeria Scam Nigerian Scam

Natwest-Scammer fights corruption for the UK gov from Ukraine

By leaving the European Union, the UK has created this problem for itself. More and more African groups of perpetrators are operating out of the...
Bank Scam Nigeria Scam Nigerian Scam

Fake Zenith Bank Plc

The story of Zenith Bank who has got nothing to do with it and the resulting confusion haunted the net for years...
Bank Scam Nigerian Scam

+44 701 1137826 -The long-lasting heritage of Dr. George Baker

Mark Davidson and Dr. George Baker changed telephones since 2014. Davidson was with another bunch of unknown, but happy campers....