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ATM Scam Featured IMF Scam Impersonator Scam

Ms.Kristalina Georgieva and her Fake Clone

It is amazing how even the most stupid scams can be exploited beyond recognition....
ATM Scam Impersonator Scam

Fake Godwin Emifiele’s Job

Sure, the 25th fake by Godwin Emefiele, governor of the State Bank of Nigeria, according to his affliction....
IMF Scam Impersonator Scam

Mrs.Kristalina Georgieva Managing Director (MD) I.M.F Head Office writes again

Yes, yes, we know. As you can see, we too recognise the same pattern in the scam emails of today: the story is always the...
UN Scam Compensation Scam Impersonator Scam

UN Fake-Antonio again

Last week, the phone number stood out in connection with a Nigerian suitcase inventor....
IMF Scam Impersonator Scam

Scammers Crap and Corruption
You'd think the sick mind that wrote this nonsense also drank too much bad corn beer before writing down all the names, a list of...

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