Scammer News

Month : November 2021

Refugee Scam

The Miss Marie Richard Scam continues in an endless leap (3)

Therefore: The lawyer has got nothing to do with the system in Senegal. But real one has been robbed of its identity and of course...
Refugee Scam

Scammers Nagging Begging Letter by Miss Marie Richard (4)

First of all, our reader deserves our greatest thanks for keeping up the mail traffic, she too wanted the crime patterns to become clear and...

Rick Ruzzi- the 4th- a Scammer Zombie

He’s already like an old acquaintance who pays his respects from time to time. Rick Ruzzi has already worked in various positions and is now...
ATM Scam Impersonator Scam

Fake Godwin Emifiele’s Job

Sure, the 25th fake by Godwin Emefiele, governor of the State Bank of Nigeria, according to his affliction....

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