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ATM Scam Impersonator Scam

Fake Godwin Emifiele’s Job

Sure, the 25th fake by Godwin Emefiele, governor of the State Bank of Nigeria, according to his affliction....

The Endless Refugee-Scam from Miss Marie Richard (2)

After the first wave of the sad story of the alleged Miss Marie Richard, the further corrospondency developed into a simple spoon scam...
German / Deutscher Scam Spenden Scam

Fake UEFA Scam

Dieser Scam ist so kläglich, dass wir ihn schon nicht kommentieren wollen. Nun wir der Schatzmeister der UEFA, Herr David Gill und die UEFA selbst...
Compensation Scam

Senator Bob Menendez Scam (1)

A cauldron of colour-Senator Bob Menendez Scam Since we already know all the strange numbers that have sprung from the sick head of a scammer...

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