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Heritage Scam IMF Scam

Gruesome Scam from U.S. Bank Plc

The scribbler has run away with the horse- he has mixed up countless stories and then processed them into a mash....
ATM Scam IMF Scam UN Scam

Scammers Office in the United Nations Plaza, New York

That doesn't work any more, the trick is done by fax from Nigeria, since 1994(!)....
IMF Scam Impersonator Scam

Mrs.Kristalina Georgieva Managing Director (MD) I.M.F Head Office writes again

Yes, yes, we know. As you can see, we too recognise the same pattern in the scam emails of today: the story is always the...
IMF Scam

Nigerian Phishers

Of course, none of this story is true, several scammers sent this bizarre outline of a madman to our readers. Some of our readers were...
IMF Scam

Wow! Again 1900 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC

Probably two mafia groups do not agree on who is allowed to abuse the name of Ms Kristalina Georgieva, to commit identity theft, hence the...
Corona or Covid19 Scam IMF Scam

Mamma Cash or Mammie Kesh

The multiple identity theft of Mrs. Kristalina Georgieva doesn't make the story any better because all the contributors are supposedly from the 1200, Fitch Way...

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