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IMF Scam

Scott Edward and his moronic IMF story

It is astonishing to see the methods with which even the most stupid scams can be exploited to the point of unrecognisability....
ATM Scam Featured IMF Scam

Scammers Code

A lunatic who has completely lost control of the reality that usually surrounds him may have drafted the latest letter in the series....
Corona or Covid19 Scam Featured IMF Scam

Oh yes, scammer brain dead or partly alive?

The scam doesn't get any stupider than this....
IMF Scam

Another Fake Of Mrs.Kristalina Georgieva

This example demonstrates perfectly that the scammer emails are computer programmes whose text is slightly varied and which use the same basic vocabulary....
Featured IMF Scam

Scammers IMF… No 25

You would think that the person with a sick mind who wrote this nonsense also drank too much bad whiskey before writing down all the...

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