Scammer News

Month : October 2021

Charity Scam

Scammer gibberish – Joyce Andrew

There are apple phones, Toshiba laptops, 1 LED TV, i-phones, gold wristwatches and some gold jewellery, video cameras, shoes, package shirts, trousers, woofer sound system,...
IMF Scam

Mr. Bo Li’s IMF Scam

Oh yes, the IMF scam again, if nothing else helps, then IMF....
Rip Deal Refugee Scam

Rip-Deal in South Africa-Scammer poisoned by ZANU-PF in Zimbabwe

Years after Robert Mugabe died and ZANU-PF now realises the mistakes of the past, scammers from South Africa are trying an adventurous story, a murder...
Lost and Found Scam

Plenty of Boxes with Money- Old Fairy Tale

This time it’s the Mr. David Perry Moyes story again, which is only after cash boxes. The story varies but is always advantageous for the...

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