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Articles about Scam

Fake Police Station in Abuja scams Europeans

After the false embassy in Ghana, there is now a fake police station in Nigeria. The e-mail address is from Niger. Probably, the perpetrators' actions...
Articles about Scam

A Fata morgana from the International Monetary Fund

This story is hoax again. The IMF is only meant to be the carrier of the message. Someone else is contacted and immediately told that...

Safia Farkash Gaddafi, Erich Honecker, Lieutenant General William Caldwell and a “real story” about Apollo 11 and Saddam, escaping the rope

  Everybody knows those e-mails.   Countless are sent every day, from different points of the world. First, we were annoyed by the regular mails....
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Idi Amin Dada, the clergyman and Western Union (Part one)

Now we are opening a whole blog called scammer.news, which we are attaching to thekasaantimes.de and thekasaantimes.news to make the stories of these people public...

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