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Africa Scam Compensation Scam

Brexit-Parliament Scammers

This time the story is so delirious that one must first thank the reader who sent us this piece from the madhouse. This should not...
Africa Scam Compensation Scam

Scammer’s useless fight against crap and corruption in the State of Texas

Unfortunately, the Nigerians responsible for this madness are still riding the prairies outside Austin with their phone numbers and useless stories. It's time to cut...
Africa Scam Compensation Scam

Crime Scene: South African Reserve Bank in Pretoria- Fake HSBC wants to release funds

Now the creators of the scammer programmes have relaunched this broadcast, quickly changed a few names and then out with it....
Africa Scam Charity Scam Nigeria Scam

With the utmost disrespect

We have all known the story and the basic framework of this tale from the realm of the haloed scam for a long time. The...

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