Scammer News

Month : August 2022


Scammers Headhunter

An African diplomat who allegedly carries two atm cards and then classified documents. It is all just a preparation for possible costs that this Mr...
Next-of-kin Scam

Former fake FBI Agent Eric Thom(p)son got a new scammer job

This trick didn't work when telex machines still existed and scammers sent millions of messages of this kind....
Delivery Scam

The next one to come from Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta- Chris Waryn

A new version of the old story of the boxes with a new mail addresses, otherwise the makers of this madness have unfortunately not eliminated...
German / Deutscher Scam Lotterie

Russisches Google Roulette

Es ähnelt immer dem ewig dummerhaftigen Leitfaden. Diesmal, mal wieder, aus Russland, wie man sieht....

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