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Refugee Scam

The Miss Marie Richard Scam continues in an endless leap (3)

Therefore: The lawyer has got nothing to do with the system in Senegal. But real one has been robbed of its identity and of course...
Refugee Scam

Scammers Nagging Begging Letter by Miss Marie Richard (4)

First of all, our reader deserves our greatest thanks for keeping up the mail traffic, she too wanted the crime patterns to become clear and...
Refugee Scam

The Endless Refugee-Scam from Miss Marie Richard (2)

After the first wave of the sad story of the alleged Miss Marie Richard, the further corrospondency developed into a simple spoon scam...
Refugee Scam

Miss Marie Richard-Scammers Reverend is waiting for stupid victims (1)

Even the Nigerian Embassy in Dakar wants to know more about this very mean creatures. One will not believe how long this offenders are on...

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