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Refugee Scam

Outrageous impudence- CLEMENT KOFFI LAW CHAMBERS- Most violent death threats against a reader

Most violent death threats against a reader-serious crime...
Refugee Scam

Fatima Mbogo (part 3) Tears, Cries, the African Development Bank and another fake lawyer -Clement Koffi

Interestingly, a version of the story that the father of the alleged Fatima had been murdered by Charles Taylor rebels in Liberia circulated under the...
Refugee Scam

A cold in Cotonou-Benin Republic the ugly refugee scam from Teresa Anders

romance scam killer
At a time when people all over the world are seeking refuge from despots and other political rabble, scammers from West Africa think they can...
Refugee Scam Romance Scam

The story of Mariyah Khalifa

A new scam from the field of refugee scams: Mariyah Khalifa program, supposedly from Senegal, garnished with abundant fake images, the program is new on...

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