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 Photo by Namnso Ukpanah on Unsplash

04-Sep-2020 By kanana

Fake Police Station in Abuja scams Europ

  Most European citizens would not believe such a story if it were told in this particular way.After the false embassy in Ghana, there is now a fake poli

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Willie/ BlR

18-Jan-2021 By Editors Desk

South Africa calling

Scammer Fish Smell The phone number has already been sold with FIFA profits, with other so-called compensations. The

Bild von Martin Ludlam auf Pixabay

12-Dec-2020 By Editors Desk

Robin Hood, Godwin Emefiele and

Good old Godwin Emefiele,   Actually, Godwin Emefiele is a good old acquaintance, not him, but his countless fa

11-Aug-2020 By Mfasi

Buba bah - Impudent begging

Update December 24, 2020 Using an almost identical trick, the Jesus follower tried the same story on Twitter. Europeans&#

Adventure Scam

Photo by Samuel Penn on Unsplash

18-Oct-2020 By Editors Desk

Captain Ramos and the soldiers

Captain Ramos is like a hero from another world. Of course, he does not exist. The world is that of the Nigerian mafia

 Photo by hosein charbaghi on Unsplash

12-Nov-2017 By Editors Desk

Defectors story from Syria

Defectors story This time it is a former military defector of Assad, who is looking for business. Don’t you beli

26-Jul-2017 By Mfasi

Iraq Military Scam

Capt. Anthony Martinez found 48 Millions to share in Iraq. Again alink to a Saddam Scam and Martinez wants love, plenty of love

False Advise Scam

27-Nov-2020 By Editors Desk

Holy Scammer Spirit

Another insane story. But you have to be careful here. Scammers serve every norm by exploiting Christianity to achieve their go

Photo by Amber Walker on Unsplash

29-Oct-2020 By Editors Desk

Five hours later with a another

A story from the Nigerian madhouse of scammers. Truth is zero and not worth the letters on the screen. This scam is for informa

03-Sep-2018 By Mfasi

Salamu alaikum from Abu Dhabi

  FRIENDLY GREETINGS,       Greetings to you,Let me start by introducing myself.   I am Ahmed Al Ansari, t


Photo by Fernando Jorge on Unsplash

04-Jan-2021 By Editors Desk

Mariam Mohammed's fairy tale the Mo-Lottery

Complete fake of a bank page   This is a very interesting scam by as yet unknown perpetrators who counterfeited an entire bank in Dubai.

Photo by Maria Oswalt on Unsplash

13-Dec-2020 By Editors Desk

1900 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC

Diplomats and Money The latest letter in the Scammers International Monetary Fund's series may have been drafted by a lunatic who has completel

Heritage Scam

Photo by Kamile Leo on Unsplash

10-Dec-2020 By Editors Desk

On the back of a camel

There is no money and not even the mail account It is another clumsy attempt to prepare a rip-off before Christmas with the IMF and other departm

Old Scams In New Disguise

Compensation Scam

Bild von Oluwaseyi Aiyeobasan auf Pixabay

08-Jan-2021 By Editors Desk

Another Remittance- oh Mr Lee

Oh Mr Lee, Mr Lee Mr. Lee tries his hand at the story of a clown. The structure has often been used, but this treatise i

Photo by Hector Falcon on Unsplash

11-Dec-2020 By Editors Desk

Shaolin Yang's World Bank of bad

Little brains   He has little brains in his head. His story is not even good enough for kindergarten, where the dwar

Photo by Tetsuya Tomomatsu on Unsplash

10-Dec-2020 By Editors Desk

 Insanity has a method - File:

 Insanity has a method Again a clever G- Man from Nigeria with his story about an alleged confiscation of money. The sa


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Willie/ BlR

18-Jan-2021 By Editors Desk

South Africa calling

Scammer Fish Smell The phone number has already been sold with FIFA profits, with other so-called compensations. The phone number is South African, but could

Business Scam

Photo by Enrapture Captivating Media on Unsplash

06-Jan-2021 By Editors Desk

Scammers Counterintelligence for a cure

Scammers' loo  Christmas greetings from the scammers' loo again. This time again with an audacious story about abandoned gold. Of course, this d

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