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The Story Spinning and Self-Pity of Miss Melissa Lonjawon Sereno

Having spent a fortune within a year, along with her partner in crime Jessa Jane Lugagay, she cried her eyes out for a second chance to scam. Please, read the first article.

Jessa Jane is innocent, screenshot, 2023
Money Mahal, screenshot, 2023

Crying for money mahal

     “Mahal I know you are verry angry to me,, and you cannot forgive me.. but please always remember all I feel for you was a real.. and I was trying all my best to be there but I was unlucky I really do.. I really want to come to you and to be with you.😭😭😭 please forgive me 🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭 you can make me slave a maid for the whole of my life.. you can do anything what you want 😭😭😭 just forgive me🙏🙏🙏 mahal kita verry much I swear it’s really now that you don’t want me to talk to you and see you😭😭😭😭please I really miss you so bad.. I am verry stupid what I did..please mahal

She forgets to mention how she intends to pay back the money she stole.

But there are quite a few other men who remember Melissa, who was at a loss for a story.

On the dating site Phillipinnes Cupid she was already looking for victims in the years before.

A western sugar daddy, she could ask every day, can I borrow money from you.

The luxury girl from Mindanao does have skills in lying, as the prison story proves, in which an alleged relative had to get money for luxury clothes and dog food again.

One nice example for the work of Melissa Lonjawon Sereno is the prison story to steal another 2.500 Euro.

Mean psychological terror

[23.06.2023, 12:10:37] My Globe, Melissa: Aunt Melissa already in patrol police car

[23.06.2023, 12:11:07] My Globe, Melissa: There relatives was looking of the house then they laugh

[23.06.2023, 12:11:34] My Globe, Melissa: She give me the phone and password I will find people to buy this phone

[23.06.2023, 12:14:39] Otto: Please give me your phone number- you are the only person for me who keeps contact to Melissa

[23.06.2023, 12:15:00] My Globe, Melissa: She said I will not give sir sorry I was promise to her

[23.06.2023, 12:16:05] My Globe, Melissa: She wanted you to be happy aunt Melissa is in verry painful now I wish I can help sir she is good heart why have bad people like her relatives

[23.06.2023, 12:17:18] My Globe, Melissa: I was heard they talk before aunt Melissa put in police car you can out tonight if you can give us even 100 then the 50 tomorrow that’s her aunt told to her while laugh

[23.06.2023, 12:19:38] Otto: I don’t have it now – sorry- no chance – but the situation can change in a few days

[23.06.2023, 12:19:51] My Globe, Melissa: Sir can we help aunt Melissa sir ?  I hope she will be strong 🙏 I saw her pain since yesterday while we are in beach she shouting

[23.06.2023, 12:20:48] My Globe, Melissa: She give only last chance tonight and tomorrow then the  decision will not change anymore

[23.06.2023, 12:21:04] My Globe, Melissa: I hope I can do anything for her she is really good person sir

[23.06.2023, 12:22:46] My Globe, Melissa: Her aunt is verry rich sir I saw there house really big

[23.06.2023, 12:23:11] Otto: I have no chance to do anything now and I will be away all weekend- her relatives shall contact me that’s all I can do now

[23.06.2023, 12:24:10] My Globe, Melissa: I feel sad for her situation now!🥺

[23.06.2023, 12:24:58] My Globe, Melissa: They will not contact you so that aunt Melissa will suffer inside! I know them because I saw them and aunt  Melissa talk to me about them!

[23.06.2023, 12:26:30] My Globe, Melissa: Okay sir is that your final decision you can’t help aunt Melissa tomorrow I told her you can’t send any! I will find for now who will buy the phone of aunt because even one peso she don’t have

[23.06.2023, 12:28:34] My Globe, Melissa: Sorry sir I can’t help to her all I do is to find her dog a foster fur parents and her phone to sell. I will lack her house and bring the key to her that’s all I can do to her sir I don’t want her relatives include me!

[23.06.2023, 12:30:12] Otto: It not my decision it’s a fact that I can’t help her now – I would love to but I can’t at the moment – I wish you the best – by the way – I sent you an email

[23.06.2023, 12:40:47] My Globe, Melissa: Sorry sir for late reply I was talking to relatives of aunt melissa

[23.06.2023, 12:42:52] My Globe, Melissa: Sir they told me they will out aunt Melissa just give them 100 and the balance will be next week

[23.06.2023, 12:45:18] My Globe, Melissa: I did not recived email sir

[23.06.2023, 12:50:39] Otto: ?

[23.06.2023, 12:52:47] My Globe, Melissa: What you will send to me sir?you sent her also so that I can told to melissa

[23.06.2023, 12:53:32] Otto: Just to keep contact Richelle- you are my only contact to Melissa now

[23.06.2023, 12:54:24] My Globe, Melissa: She don’t want sir sorry I promise to her!

[23.06.2023, 12:55:18] My Globe, Melissa: Sir you can still help her now just give 100 to her relatives and the lack will next week! I hope you can sir!

[23.06.2023, 12:56:26] Otto: So it’s up to her to contact me again as soon as this is over. In Europe we normally keep the same telephone number so I have this one already for 25 years and will keep it

[23.06.2023, 12:57:45] My Globe, Melissa: I pray that this will be okay

[23.06.2023, 12:58:00] My Globe, Melissa: She wanted to kill her self lately

[23.06.2023, 12:58:05] Otto: Melissa did not give me the contact to Cyril – Chona is not answering-

[23.06.2023, 12:59:14] My Globe, Melissa: She always call them since she arrived her and send message while she always crying!

[23.06.2023, 12:59:31] My Globe, Melissa: They are no heart

[23.06.2023, 13:02:04] My Globe, Melissa: Sir can we help aunt Melissa sir this only I can do to her to talk to you and take care of her house! Sir you can still send to aunt Melissa a 100 to her Paypal I can open for her and give to her relatives so that aunt Melissa will release later  and can’t sleep to jail!

[23.06.2023, 13:03:43] Otto: No I can’t – sorry for you and Melissa

[23.06.2023, 13:10:12] My Globe, Melissa: 🥺🥺🥺

[23.06.2023, 13:14:59] My Globe, Melissa: Sir you still there?

[23.06.2023, 13:16:03] My Globe, Melissa: I talking to Cyril they can send 20 only  and next week they will try to send!

[23.06.2023, 13:16:13] My Globe, Melissa: Sir because I message them also!

[23.06.2023, 13:17:11] My Globe, Melissa: So that aunt Melissa will not sleep in the jail!

[23.06.2023, 13:17:44] Otto: 👍👍👍

[23.06.2023, 13:18:58] My Globe, Melissa: Sir only 80 now we need

[23.06.2023, 13:19:05] Otto: It was lit over 190 which I borrowed them

[23.06.2023, 13:19:42] My Globe, Melissa: Do you have 80000 sir so that I can go to there relatives and aunt Melissa will release now.

[23.06.2023, 13:19:55] Otto: At the moment I have nothing on my account- sorry – I just had to pay more than 150 in invoices

[23.06.2023, 13:20:21] My Globe, Melissa: They will try to send next! I told them Melissa already jn jail! Where is all of your heart when all of you was need help!

[23.06.2023, 13:22:20] My Globe, Melissa: Sir can we help aunt Melissa  sir please you can pay the invoices next week which Cyril say they will send!

[23.06.2023, 13:23:43] My Globe, Melissa: I will go sir to her relatives I was trying my best sir so that aunt Melissa will be happy I was doing all my best to help her!🥺

[23.06.2023, 13:25:34] My Globe, Melissa: Sir do you have 80? Because I told Cyril that next week will sent 80 to give it to you! Is that korek!?

[23.06.2023, 13:25:35] Otto: The invoices are paid already Richelle- I get new money in one week I guess –

[23.06.2023, 13:26:15] My Globe, Melissa: Sir please if you know how pity aunt Melissa was🥺 sir I was doing to help her out!

[23.06.2023, 13:26:24] : I can’t do anymore at the moment- it’s all up to Chona and her family

[23.06.2023, 13:26:52] My Globe, Melissa: Only 20 they can send now because there money is next week!

[23.06.2023, 13:28:57] My Globe, Melissa: Sir sir can you do all things sir! Only 80 now we need

[23.06.2023, 13:31:43] My Globe, Melissa: Sir because I will go walk now to her relatives that we will give 100 so that aunt Melissa will be release!

[23.06.2023, 13:34:59] My Globe, Melissa: Sir

[23.06.2023, 13:37:08] My Globe, Melissa: Sir I was only trying my best to help I message Cyril! They only can give 20 now! And then next week!

[23.06.2023, 13:39:12] My Globe, Melissa: Sir can you reply sir ! Sorry sir if I bothered you! This is for Melissa I was doing!

[23.06.2023, 13:41:02] My Globe, Melissa: Sir can you sent to melissa in PayPal sir 80000 I am the one will give to her relatives!

[23.06.2023, 13:42:26] Otto: Sorry but I can’t send any money now sorry 😭

[23.06.2023, 13:43:53] My Globe, Melissa: Sir maybe you have lots of friend there you can try to borrow Cyril will be the one pay for it next week! Just to save aunt Melissa tonight to the jail?

[23.06.2023, 13:48:36] My Globe, Melissa: Sir please

[23.06.2023, 14:33:33] My Globe, Melissa: Sir??

[23.06.2023, 14:39:58] My Globe, Melissa: Sir did you find way already?!

[23.06.2023, 14:40:26] Otto: No I’m sorry

[23.06.2023, 14:41:16] My Globe, Melissa: Maybe sir is better that she will give this house than to go jail! Right

[23.06.2023, 14:41:49] My Globe, Melissa: She can buy again a house is she work there!

[23.06.2023, 14:42:27] Otto: This is not my decision

[23.06.2023, 14:44:27] Otto: I paid for the house and all repairs but it’s Melissa’s house

[23.06.2023, 14:44:30] My Globe, Melissa: Just for my opinion!

[23.06.2023, 14:45:19] My Globe, Melissa: But this is her dream to have a house since before! That’s why she will give up I think!

[23.06.2023, 14:45:52] Otto: She wrote to me yesterday that she will not give away the house

[23.06.2023, 14:46:26] My Globe, Melissa: Yes that her decision also!

[23.06.2023, 14:46:47] Otto: If Cyril manages next week I’m sure her relatives prefer the money

[23.06.2023, 15:00:37] My Globe, Melissa: You really want aunt Melissa will stay in jail sir?! I’ve been in jail for 1 year it’s verry hard inside and verry hot!

[23.06.2023, 15:10:27] Otto: I want her to be her here with me – but I can’t do anything right now

[23.06.2023, 15:11:13] My Globe, Melissa: She will have already a bad record in profile like me! I’ve been in jail because I fight for my right?

[23.06.2023, 15:11:47] My Globe, Melissa: I’m waiting for someone will buy her phone! I will sell this for 10k!

[23.06.2023, 15:12:05] My Globe, Melissa: And I’m still looking for duster fur parents for the dog!

[23.06.2023, 15:13:56] My Globe, Melissa: If you love her sir ! You do anything for her now! For this situation! This is really pain when you go jail! I experience this sir before! This is verry hard inside jail hot and not good food also water?! It will make you sick!

[23.06.2023, 15:33:06] Otto: If you sell the phone please reset it to factory settings

[23.06.2023, 15:34:43] My Globe, Melissa: Yes sir I will!

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