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Greetings Friend,

My name is Mr. David Campbell, I work in a managerial position in a well-respected security company.

I am contacting you because of an urgent business transaction that I want to do with a trusted foreigner, I got your email contact during my search on the internet. On the 25th of November 2009, the sum of ($6.5 Million U.S Dollars) was deposited with my company, disguised as a family heirloom in a two trunk  boxes, this is not the only time that corrupt government officials uses the  services of my company to ship their ill-gotten wealth abroad or secure it for future use.

I took exceptional note of this deposit because it was  large and as the man at the helm of affairs then, I got to know the man behind the deposit, Late President Gnassingbe Eyadema who died on February 2011.The reason for me contacting you is that; I checked and found out  that the deposit is still intact and nobody has asked for it, and I know that nobody will ever ask for it, I am the only living soul who knows the true identity of the depositor, no other person can retrieve the deposit except the  person can produce the codes combination which was given to the depositor, the way we operate is that if the depositor wants to retrieve his deposit, he will instruct the company in writing and give his codes and if the manager confirms the code, the deposit will be released at once to the  person with proof of the deposit information.

If you accept to work with me, I will give you the instruction letter to send to my company and also when the company asks for the codes, I will give them to you.

Please if you are not interested in this business let me know so that I can contact someone else.

Kindly send your response without any delay to my private email address (

Your financial assistant will be needed.

My Best  Regards.
Mr. David Campbell

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