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Idi Amin Dada, the clergyman and Western Union (Part one)

Idi Amin Dada, scammernews, 2020


Now we are opening a whole blog called, which we are attaching to and to make the stories of these people public before this scammer mafia can make a profit or commit damage. The blog is kept in English, as the scam is mostly sent in English. We now merge several blogs from the past into one. Since 2005 we have collected the stories of the scammers.


Apart from the madness that was communicated to many victims there, Sabina Joneh was one of the most successful programs of the scammers of Côte d’Ivoire, until the program Alina came. These are programs that the stations buy. Like at a market. The stories are written professionally and are adapted for each country, like Nigeria and Ghana, Ivory Coast, Rwanda etc. Often you run into the same programmes, but with different actors, from all the good Lord countries. Yes, the business of God is always started to explain the purity of the mob.


We publish the original mails, because, we do not want to alter any text.


From time to time, we will comment on the stories.


But the best stories of years, we have collected, we will bring in a book.


The Best Scammer Stories, Cover kasaan media, 2020




And suddenly another despot from Africa came to life. With so much money, you can also sometimes rise from the dead. Anytime.



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