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Captain Ramos and the soldiers of fortune

Captain Ramos Scam Photo by Samuel Penn on Unsplash
Captain Ramos is like a hero from another world. Of course, he does not exist. The world is that of the Nigerian mafia. Now there are already irregulars involved in finding money in Syria or, as in this case, a confiscated ship held by mercenaries. The stories of the scribblers are not very imaginative and always knitted after the same pattern. Don’t answer, don’t send anything – straight into the digital dustbin
Hello I am Capt. David A. Ramos

There is a business proposal I would like to share with you and it’s 100% risk free and gainful if we partner each other sincerely and purposefully,

I will disclose more details to you when I get your response.

Thanks and God bless you.
Capt D.A Ramos

We tried Captain Ramos after his first approach: 
Thank You so much for your response. I am Capt Ramos of the US Army serving in Syria and there is a fund at my disposal that I would love to move out and entrust into your care if you can be trusted with such a huge task.
The risk to move it out and have deposited in a bank and security company will be on me and I will take care of any risk therein, I have figured out a perfect plan of execution before reaching it to you because i can not do it all alone due to job requirements I can not leave here..
Under the status of forces agreement (SOFA) the fund in question is a War spoil from an intercepted Syrian Oil Vessel and a truce was agreed Mercenary (soldier of fortune) agreement with them and money exchanged hands which i would love that you partner with me to receive my share and we would share it in the ratio of %50 for me and %40 for you and %10 set aside for miscellaneous expenditure.
I have taken this painstaking effort to explain in detail to you just to calm your fears/doubts and ally with you, I will make more details available to you and give answers to your yearning questions after you must have replied with your information below.

(1) Your Full Names:………………?

(2) Sex:……………….?

(3) Your Age:…………………..?

(4) Date Of Birth:………………………..?

(5) Your Full Home and Office Address:………..?

(6) Your Occupation:……………….?

(7) Your Tel Number: Home/Office:……………….?

(8) Attach a Scanned Copy of Your International Passport Or Driver’s License Or Any Other Valid Identity Card

God bless you for being a trusted partner.

Sincerely Yours
Capt Dave A J. Ramos.

Next mail: 
For the time being here is my whatsapp +1 213-432-2275  I can not receive voice calls any longer as my service provider has suspended that service due to my long stay outside of the States but the Cell line remains mine and valid.
We can chat on whatsapp and also have calls via whatsapp.
Thanks and God bless you.
Capt Ramos.
Another mail came a few minutes later: 
Thank you so much!
I am in possession of your address and I will be concluding plans with the Red Cross International Diplomat who will deliver the cash to you and we can use the money to invest into Real Estate or any other profitable business in Berlin.
I shall keep you updated as soon as we conclude and he lives for Berlin.
Thanks and God bless.
Capt Ramos.
Next mail: 
I have waited for your whatsapp message it hasn’t come yet and I want to inform you that I have concluded plan with the Diplomat that will deliver the money to Berlin in Diplomatic boxes.
I await your response before He can move.
God bless you.
Capt Ramos
Another mail came a few minutes later: 
The plan is on how He will deliver the money to your address in Berlin Germany using His diplomatic immunity. And the person that will deliver it is a Red Cross International Social worker who is a UN diplomat.
I will hand over the boxes to him, However I would love to know which business or investment will you like us to invest the money into?
God bless you.
Capt Ramos
Another mail came a few minutes later: 
This is no lies nor scam, Its legit and I promise you that the boxes will arrive and you will believe.
God bless you.
Capt Ramos

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