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Covid-19 Heritage Scam

While the world is afraid of the plague

There are stories that you don’t want to believe.

Some perpetrator group from Turkey is now trying to profit from the Corona crisis. Dead Italians who have left a gigantic inheritance.

None of this is true, it’s a rip-off. They want to collect the notary fees. Maybe additionally the shipping fees for the envelope with nothing in it.

Keep your hands off it, do not reply, do not transmit any personal data to the perpetrators. These perpetrators would use this data for other crimes.
The best thing to do is to move the mail to the digital trash garbage can.

I am Ahmet Aksoy, a Bank Officer herein a Bank in Turkey. I believe

it is the wish of God for me to come across

you now. I have an important business discussion I wish to share with

you, which I believe will interest you because it is in connection and

you are going to benefit from it.

A citizen of Italy who died with his entire family of covid 19 had a

fixed deposit with our bank, valued at (Eleven Million Five Hundred

Thousand United States Dollars). Sadly he and his son who was the next of

kin in the account has also died and you can read the full news through

the link below

It is better that we claim the money than allowing the Bank Directors

to take it, they are rich already. I am not a greedy person, so I am

suggesting we share the funds equally, 50/50% to both parties. please contact me

at (

Best Regard

Ahmet Aksoy

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