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Another Special Agent from the FBI – Jim Coleman

Jim Coleman

Creepy Christmas

Jim Coleman does not exist in this form. The FBI in Canada is a so-called field office. There is no FBI .ca Jim writes such bad English that he would have failed the exam for the FBI.

His sentence structure is creepy.

100% Kona Coffee

His brain is not even enough to explain what he wants to transmit besides the colorful pictures he stole from the FBI site. The phone number +1 (613) 707-3753 has appeared several times with strange calls.
Jim is probably a Nigerian who wants to make himself a good Christmas. A nutcase who is a bad forger to boot.

So, don’t answer, the FBI wouldn’t approach anyone like that via plain email. Do not send personal data. Put it in the trash can.

Here is the mail: 


Ottawa Canada.

Please read attached letter and follow the directives quickly.

Yours sincerely

San Francisco Special Agent in Charge John F. BennettJim Coleman

Special Agent in Charge

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Ottawa Canada.


56 Royal Hunt Avenue 

Ottawa, Ontario Canada

+1 (613) 707-3753

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