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The Fake FBI on behalf of the IMF Scam

Special Agent Terry Williams ScamPhoto by Jack Finnigan on Unsplash

The story of Special Agent Terry Williams

Lenovo Many GEOs

Now it’s the FBI again, which is particularly pleasing to some scammers.

The very first letter mentions the sum of US$295 that the perpetrators want to collect. They immediately write that the activation of the card costs 295US$ and that the FBI has to collect. The story is just too hair-raising and not optimally packaged. But who would expect that from an African suburban gangster who seems to be a little underexposed. Never write back, never give out private information. Deport the story to the digital waste bin.

Kaspersky Many GEOs

I look forward to your urgent and positive response

Here is to inform you that we are doing befogging of the  Year Bonus in this  honorable office. And in the light of above, I am here to notify you that your first payment of $15,000 has been fully programmed on the outgoing remittance diskette for onward wired to your designated address today date.And after receive this first payment $15,000.00 WESTERN UNION ATM CARD  and you will continue receiving it $15,000.00 daily until your total funds of USD$2.5 million Dollars Complete.

 Meanwhile the only money you are required to send to this western union office immediately is $295 dollars, just to activate your Atm Card bank account with WESTERN UNION for you to start making withdrawals of your funds with the WESTERN UNION ATM CARD . bear it in mind that this bonus will end off soon. As it stands now, I advise you to go ahead and send the $295 dollars as  quickly as you receive this message to enable this honorable western union made successful ACTIVATION of Your ATM CARD BANK ACCOUNT with WESTERN UNION.

 Make the payment below to this name but be rest assured that you will receive your payment today, And if we mistakenly fail to do as instructed by the(I.M.F),this western union branch will be persecuted according to the law.

 I look forward to your urgent and positive response .

 Yours in service.

Kaspersky Many GEOs

A few hours later the culprits showed their real face:

You are advised to comply and send down the fees usd$295 though RIA Money Transfer or Western union with the information below :
AMOUNT : USD$295.00
  Send it and forward the payment details  also you forward your full details now

Lenovo Many GEOs

A few moments later as they found out Western Union and RIA are closed

Thanks for your urgent response . If the western union , money gram and Ria all closed . I will advise you to use the fees  295 Euros  and buy a Steam wallet card . 100 euros all in nomination each. Buy the gift card  and attach the copy of the card and receipt

100% Kona Coffee

western union  and Ria have been closed in your country The reasons why you were asked to use the money and buy Gift cards  we can sell or here and get the equivalent  amount to enable us to get the western union activation clearance on your behalf for them to start sending the funds to you . Please work accordingly and this is really fake .  
   If you can’t use the money and buy  gift card then , we are advise you to travel another closer state and send down the fees through RIA MONEY TRANSFER

The IMF does not write that badly orthographicallybut African mobsters

The reasons why you directed you through Gift card are because you said that Ria office has been closed in your country ,And we need this money to secure the activation clearance atm card  and submit it to the bank for them to activate your account with them .   Through Gift card we can get the equivalent amount . instead of you sending the cards, then you are advise to travel next please you can send us the money here through RIA .  Lastly i have attached a copy of your funds document

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