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Fred Nikiema’s Millions from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Fred Nikiema Scam Photo by YODA Adaman on Unsplash

A completely bizarre story from the madhouse.

Nobody believes such nonsense. That’s why the Nigerian fairy tales go straight into the digital dustbin. We give the grade insufficient for this madness.

The scammer tried miserably to meet his requirements. Which only failed! Do not answer, do not send documents.

We have been directed to contact you by his Excellency the president,
> federal republic of Nigeria, to discuss possible modalities that will
> be instituted in order to offset/settle your contractual entitlement
> which payment has been approved several time without your money being
> remitted to your accounts.
> We have been well briefed by ministries/ parastatals that were
> directly and indirectly involved in the processing and settlement of
> your contractual entitlements, the reason behind your inability to
> actually secure the releasing of your contractual entitlements to your
> account is because of the existence of unknown persons who has
> continually posed as authentic CBN and government officials thereby
> making it virtually impossible for you to secure the release of your
> contractual entitlements.
> The president of the federal republic of Nigeria, in his genuine
> effort to eliminate corruption at the highest level during his visit
> to London in the beginning of this year had an agreement with the
> prime minister and also some financial institution to assist the
> Federal republic of Nigeria in scrutinizing the payment of all her
> external contractors whose debts runs into millions of dollars during
> the military regime of their past rulers. It was during this meeting
> we discovered that several banks in Europe has been used to deceive
> and defraud unsuspecting contractors that their money has been sent to
> them.
> It was after his visit that this body (Debt Settlement center) was
> constituted to take up the immediate reconciliation, verifications/
> settlement of all categories of debt owed to foreign contractors by
> the federal government of Nigeria. Funds has been made available for
> this very purpose and this body has just received further boost up to
> the tune of us$700.000.000.00.from money recovered by the federal
> government of Nigeria from the Abacha’s loot which was made possible
> by the intervention of the Prime mister and other E.U member states.
> Your name and that of 10 other contractors from the United States of
> America, Malaysia, Germany, Austria and the France has just been sent
> to us during this present scheme so that we can contact you and
> discuss new modalities of payment which the federal government of
> Nigeria has worked out.
> Send your bank account details, telephone and contact address so that
> we can move on with the process.
> Bank name:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
> Account Number:. . . . . . . .
> Swift Code. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
> Your address and phone number:. . . . . . . . . . .
> Your contract number if any:. . . . . . . . . . . . .
> records for authentications to ensure a swift action to be taken in
> line with the releasing of your contractual sum.
> Sincerely.
> Fred Nikiema.
> Co-ordinator, Ouagadougou Burkin Faso


We read your email. The message was sent to you because this email was
among the people that are included in the financial mandate we
received from the Debt Management Office .

They said that you are owed the sum of us$10.5 Million. We are going
to process this payment and ensure that the remittance is made to your
bank account.

To proceed, we need you to send your present home or office address,
your bank co-ordinate where you want this money transferred into. You
also have to send your direct telephone number when responding.

Have a nice day.



This money does not have origin here in Burkina Faso, The debt
settlement center is a financial and security handling company in
Burkina Faso, the origin of the money is from Nigeria, I cant give you
more than I have given.

This money belongs to you. Do not be afraid, your details are only
needed for the processing of the payment to you nothing more.


No, it is not fraud, it is real

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