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Congratulations Again to fiscal year of a scammer

@ellinnurbakarudin via Twenty20

A sort of Russian compensation

But behind it, along with the ATM card, lies the same concept from cloud-cuckoo-land. This time, you can even perceive the Cyrillic letters in the text.
It couldn’t get any dumber. Even for scammers.
Therefore: No answer is the best answer. Never give out personal data or documents. These would be used for further crimes. Move the mail to the digital dustbin.


This is to officially inform you that your ATM card number: 3774 2856 7847 9006 worth Eight Million Five Hundred Thousand ($8.5 Million USD) has been credited in your favor in a bid to compensate you on your contract payment since you are next on our inheritance file for the first part of this fiscal Year 2021. The card center will send you an ATM CARD which you will use to withdraw your money in any ATM MACHINE Center around the world.

Your personal identification code is ATM- 2990, Contact the payment officer?nbsp; Mey Micha (Mr.) on: ( with the following requirements below for proper verification and claim processing:

Full Name:
Delivery Address:
Phone Number:
Fax Number:

You are also required to send to the verification officer/agent a means of Identification which should be a scan copy of your DriverЉц License or International Passport for proper identification and authentication.


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