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The mail is well done, but very absurd. Nobody gets 500,000 US$ for nothing and nothing again.

And the FBI certainly does not care about poor people, but about criminals, like the scammers.

And an outside lawyer certainly does not work off the money from the IMF. Therefore: Again a story from the pen of a scammer, who fronts a fake law firm to get the 150 US$. Do not reply, do not send any personal data and move the mail to the digital rubbish can. It is fake.

Of course, the aforementioned real institutions have nothing to do with the fake organizations of the scammers.

The IMF Giving Together is the IMF’s corporate giving program which supports employees’ giving back to the community, both locally and internationally. The IMF Giving Together Program encompasses: (i) staff Giving (previously Helping Hands); (ii) disaster relief appeals; (iii) management donations; (iv) grants to local and international charities; and (v) staff volunteering activities. https: //www.imf.or g / external / np / cpac / donate.htm

You have a fund of $ 500,000 awaiting to be transferred to your account. This is a reward from the United Nations and IMF allocated to the beneficiaries on random selection in the poverty eradication Program. Also note that this fund is monitored by the FBI to make sure it gets to the rightful beneficiary.

If you don’t claim your fund now it will be canceled. We have mandated the affiliate payment center to release your fund. The only thing now is for the authorization and transfer of funds into your account. The only fee you have to make is 150 Euro just for the cost of transfer because other expenses have been taken care of. Note that the cost of transfer cannot be deducted from the fund because of lack of “power of attorney”.

You need to contact the affiliate payment officer  Mr John Wuda, email: ( And send them the fee so They  can get your fund Transferred to you without delay. 

Bar. Jerry Lawrence (Esq) 
Electronic requirements 
P.O. Box 33980 
Portland, OR. 

Phone: +1 332-910-9161 
WhatsApp +4 4758-488-6082

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Jasmin macaspac January 30, 2023 at 7:44 AM

i recieve that kind of email but they dont ask for 150$ fee


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