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A twist on the John Suger story


Again John suger, a scammer known to us for many years.

The programme seems to have been extended. Other interested parties were also found. You can see that from the changing email addresses. Everything points to Nigeria’s mobile phone scammers who once wanted to make a buck.

The same applies as in the first article: do not reply, do not send any documents, no money, move the mail to the digital waste bin.

Greetings Sir,

This is the second time we have contacted you about your US $
1,500,000 Victim Compensation Fund.

Your email address has been verified as one of the selected fraud victims.

However, your payment has been approved to our selected bank.

It is imperative that you provide us with the following information,
which is necessary to process for your payment.

Your Name:
Your home address:
Country of origin:
Direct mobile number:

Thank you very much.

Kind regards,

Mr John suger

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