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This appears to be another blackmailer trying to scam his way to the forefront.

Of course, there is no truth in this story, just like the other stories that came before. It is perfidious spinning of an absolutely sick mind that cannot help but write such a stupid fact.

Lately, more and more readers are receiving the same stupid mails trying to blackmail them.

Go to the police, do not let yourself be blackmailed, it is a seemingly profitable business for the perpetrators with the fear of third parties.

Otherwise, move the mail to the digital waste bin and if you receive similar mails, do exactly the same.


This email has nothing good for you. It is a reminder about your dirty deeds!

It has been around 4 months since your device that you use to access the internet, has been infected with spyware.
I have been tracking your online activities for a long time by now.

How it has become possible:
Approximately half a year ago there was a huge leak of personal data (mainly passwords and logins), including your email provider (
Professional hackers have used this data in order to access the operating systems of potential victims (including you as well),
and installed special loaders that can be used to install absolutely anything to the infected devices.

I would like to point out that antivirus companies are struggling to deal with such spyware since long time ago,
because Trojan software codes keep continuously updating and hence, not allowing antiviruses to do anything.

Likewise, all that personal data has become available at the black market and I have purchased it to install my spyware and start checking out people’s personal information,
hoping to find something interesting.
Some people had a lot of boring documents, some people have basic games, while others play casino… all those devices have been utilized by us in order to do cryptocurrency mining.
However, eventually I have stumbled upon something really special while checking your personal data!

You are truly a huge fan of watching kinky videos (it is easy to confirm by checking the activity log of your multimedia players and browser history).
I have been filtering out for some time the most shocking videos with you masturbating, while recording you via your device’s camera and microphone.
As result, I have generated sample videos exposing the way you are pleasing yourself (in really impressive manners sometimes),
while the lower part of the screen plays the video that you were watching at that point of time.

I have managed to create a really nice collection for the past few months!
What do you think would happen, if those videos get shared to your colleagues, relatives and friends?
Taking in consideration the “specificity” of the videos you had been watching, the opinion of your friends about your personality will be changed once and for all.
I guess, you might have troubles with law due to certain videos from that collection…
But I don’t want to get you in this kind of troubles, since I have no interest in that.

I simply want to get some money from you, since I have spent quite a significant amount of time and effort to get all this done!
Let’s agree like this: 1550$ (USD) of bitcoin equivalent will be good enough for me! If you want to pay more – please, feel free!

My BTC wallet for your transaction is: 199ZxJd71PJkMjjTdQdh7ekmQ2amE1tVe6

It is really not that hard to purchase bitcoin and send it to my wallet. Based on the logs, I can say that you are not a stupid person and really known how to use the internet.
Frankly speaking, I can’t imagine where else this kind of videos (with you masturbating) can be found. 😉

Once I receive a notification of your transaction, I will immediately delete your kinky videos right away together with the porn that you were watching at that point of time.
Afterwards, I will completely forget about you – don’t worry, you are not the only one like that!

By the way, you have no idea how many there are people around the globe that watch porn, while masturbating.
However, those guys don’t watch such kinky videos with nasty models that your like to watch!!!
Likewise, regardless of everything mentioned above, there is no reason for you to panic!

Here are several simple rules for you to end it all in the most problem-free manner:
# You have 48 hours to complete the bitcoin transaction. If I don’t receive any money from you after 48 hours,
 then I will upload the videoclip exposing you to online resources and forward it to your entire contact list.
 Even your closest relatives, colleagues and friends will receive an email or SMS from me.
 You’ve got to complete everything necessary within the allocated time – I won’t be waiting any longer that that!
# Timer will start automatically right after you open this email. Please note, that even though the email gets opened by somebody else, the timer will still start.
# There is no point to reply this email. The sender address has been generated – I have merely used a random address from the internet. All you need to do is pay.
# In case if you decide to find me – that is a bad idea, since I am using nodes, same as blockchain system, which are used to carry out bitcoin transactions.
# The idea to reinstall the Operating System would not help either. Even if you burn down your device, it still won’t solve the problem.
 All the files have already been encrypted and saved at remote file hosting websites.
# Once the transaction is complete, there is no need to notify me about that. I will be able to see it by myself, since I am monitoring all your online activities.

Please keep in mind the most important thing:
Once you complete the transaction, I will delete my Trojan virus from your device as well as all the discrediting videos from remote online resources.
Afterwards, you can forget about me and this unpleasant situation as well. That is the best solution to this problem!

One last advice for you: change all the access information to all your online services, since I may be not only one who has the access to all your accounts!

Please be reasonable.
Good luck!

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