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Fraud Victims Compensation by Scammer James Mark

We have never seen so many mistakes in a cover letter.

From the depths of Africa came another email this morning that cannot be surpassed in impudence and stupidity.

Our readers, who sent us the letter in large numbers, were literally inundated with the mails.

It is once again a mediocre copy of old scams that are actually easy to see through. Therefore, as in all other scams we warn against, do not reply, even out of curiosity. Do not send any documents, no money. Move the mail to the digital dustbin.

united state bank usa
washinton dc white dallars street 34321
bank address](
my current whatsapp] +1(202) 860 0940


We would like to inform you that the US government has issued an order
to transfer the amount of ($ 5 million US dollars) to you as your name
was among the fraud victims who have lost so much money to African and
European scammers which you also have a pending funds of $3 million
dollars that is supposed to be transferred to you since the beginning
of these year 2021 which we have decided to contact you today on how
we can make the transaction to you as soon as possible and We advise
you to interrupt any further communication with you and anyone, you
will not be harmed.

These are three options that you have left for your money.

(1) From bank to bank transfer
(2) home delivery
(3) online banking

We are waiting for your immediate reply with your details so that this
bank can immediately proceed with the transfer or delivery of your
money and serve you better.

Full name………………..
Home address ……………..
WhatsApp number …………
Mobile number…………
Each of your ID cards ……..

Do not send money in advance to anyone from Europe or Africa for
whatever reason. The US bank will transfer your account immediately as
soon as I reconfirm your bank details.

Thank you for your bank details with us and we assure you a good and
perfect deal.


Executive Regional Manager,
Us bank.
Reply To:(
my current whatsapp]+1(202) 860 0940

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