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Corona or Covid19 Scam

ABG Group & Finance Investment (UK) Covid Scam

No investment and some famous names are apparently the guarantee for bad scammers to still make a cut that usually nobody falls for anymore. But the email address has already appeared in the annals of IMF scams.

But the trick is too old. Covid19 is an additional tool for the crooks to exploit without restraint. We have seen through the trick together with our readers and therefore the following applies: Do not reply, do not send any documents, do not send any money, the mail belongs in the rubbish bin. Please move it there too.

Of course, the identities of the companies and the investor are fake.

We at ABG Group & Finance Investment (UK) recognize the impact and the
challenges the covid19 pandemic has had on both corporate and SME
enterprises, and therefore have developed programs and investor
engagements that would not only help identify these gaps but also
manage and create better business expectations.

We have opportunities to attract viable investments to your business
through our pool of financial investors, and for a chance to be
considered for funding, kindly provide us your project brief or an
executive summary for our review.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Ahmady Ajmal

Investment Consultant

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