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A Fake General as a Bait in a Rip deal, Covid-19 and Gold

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When we first heard about this story and our reader passed it on to us, we thought it was a bad joke played by a scammer from Nigeria.

Greetings to you.

A return address was in Hungary.

We knew immediately that there was nothing to the story of Brigadier General Michael Cole. He sent his emails via the weilhotel, told a desert story of Taliban and COVID-19, the virus had taken his whole family away, but he had found a container with gold and money in Afghanistan during the retreat. Now he was sitting in Doha, Qatar, and wanted to do a business out of it.

Allegedly, the box had come during the time when the Americans were exiting Kabul.

From this, a correspondence developed that was unparalleled.

The perpetrator, using an old scam that had long ceased to work, tried to sell a story in order to obtain personal documents. A well-known scam to commit identity theft. The grammar and spelling of the emails became progressively worse. When the general opened his mouth too wide, he wanted to meet our reader in Doha. With money. A general who did business through various countries, probably operating out of South Africa.

Suddenly he didn’t want it any more and tried to blackmail like a little Nigerian jerk from the scammer scene. Then he abruptly ended the contact.
Don’t get involved in such stories, the US-Embassy in Kabul already warned against it. There are no such contacts, do not reply, never send personal documents, never send money for transport, customs or notaries, it is all fake. Move such mails immediately to the digital trash bin. In this case, the perpetrators wanted to spy out personal data.

Obviously, in this case, the identity was stolen from the real General Cole.

I am Michael Cole by name, a US Army with the RANK OF “Brigadier General” I just exited Kabul as a result of the Withdrawal of the US Military from KABUL AFGHANISTAN, as a result of many Missteps by former Administrations according to Joe Biden and he says “No time is Right to Withdraw”. I am presently undergoing an official assignment in Doha, Qatar. I have a package discovered in one of our operations in Kabul Afghanistan that contains valuable funds and Gold, I need this package to be sent to you for safe keeping and I will share the content on a 50/50 basis with you if you are pleased.

“The US-led invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 ousted the insurgents from power, but they never left.” Many nations will not rush to recognize the Taliban take over as a Government due to negativity of what they are capable of doing, regardless of the EU and American Negotiation with them, The level of underground ongoing insecurity in Kabul is glooming by the day and I cannot send this out to myself as the receiver for security reasons, Fear grips Afghanistan as Taliban take control, only God can help their good people out there.

I lost my wife and only daughter last year when the deadly Corona-Virus that struck the US and as the only child that grew up from an Orphanage home, I went in search of a trustworthy person over the internet that can work this out with me, and with my person you should know that this must be kept secret and confidential.

The box contains $2,250,000.00 (Two Million Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand U.S. Dollars) only in cash and Gold that worth US$1.9, 000.000.00

I need your assurance and support that you will receive and safely keep the box for us to share on a 50/50 basis.

Please for confidentiality I will kindly advice that you reply me through e-mail

I look forward to your quick reply to enable us to get started.

Yours Sincerely,

Brigadier Gen. Michael Cole.

Greetings to you,  

I appreciate your response, It will be great working with you to see that we execute the completion of this transaction and getting the package delivered to you in the .

As a Senior Military Personnel with the US Army, you have to understand that I will like you to maintain top level of secrecy in this deal until it is successfully delivered to you as I do not want any 3rd party involved in this.I will like to let you know that this transaction is 100% legitimate.

Please I require that you send me an attachment of your ID so as to enable me see whom I am entrusting my treasure to and to as well build my level of confidence in you.

The total value of the package is $4,250,000.00 (Four Million Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand U.S. Dollars Only) which is S2,250,000.00 in cash while the GOLD is worth in the region of more than $2 Million USD, I still maintain my word that we will share on 50/50 out of the total value of the package so I will still need your ASSURANCE that you will never deny me as soon as you have the package in your possession.

I look forward to receiving your ID in your next reply.

God help us!!!

Brigadier Gen. Michael Cole

Greetings to you 

Very well, if you are okay with that i have no problem however, i will like you to start making your arrangements to be here, send me your flight anti-nary once you purchase one but the box is somewhere safe  if you do not mind, upon your arrival here, an arrangements will be made to deliver it here for you to take it from there or we can make arrangements for it to be delivered on a neutral place like South Africa or Dubai so that it will be delivered to you in Cash.

Please let me know.

God help us!!!

Brigadier Gen. Michael Cole.

Greetings to you

It look as if we this is a child’s play here, how can i be waiting for him that i do not know? How can i go to a hear by hotel for booking why i can not present a name for reservation. I should handing my treasure to you on trust but you find it difficult to hand over a copy of your ID to me?

I do not think you will make a right candidate for that.

God help us!!!

Brigadier Gen. Michael Cole.

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