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Unclaimed Fund in the Treasury Office, London

Yes, once again someone who has got himself a job to brag about. But there is neither the person nor the fund that the unknown person, probably a Nigerian from Great Britain, is suggesting. You don’t have to prove anything, the story has been haunting the net for years, with more or less success. Therefore: Don’t be fooled, don’t answer, don’t send any documents or even money. Put the email in the digital dustbin.

From: Mr. Stevenson Robinson
          Treasury Office, London Uk  Email:

Ref No: A.O.F/AAL-VOL.I/017                                                                 Date: 12/10/2021

Attn: Sir

                                         UNCLAIMED FUND


 With deep sense of concern, I am write to confirm if the person whose name is stated above is in good health or alive, I have watched repeated memo with regards to the receipt of fund he is standing for, series of investigation has been conducted owing to some false representation by people claiming to be in control, the treasury department in conjuction with DFID and FCA were able to clamp down on them following the falsified documents presented.  

To this end, I personal want to draw your attention to apply for this since your particulars attest your beneficiary over this fund, I will personal guide you to ensure that this is perfected quickly through the accreditted Bank, note, that your failure to lodge this claim will mean that the fund be lodged in to a suspense account if not claimed by some unscrupulous officials with your name and it will all be assumed you are the one who signed it out.   I have thought of this several days now and deem it wise to source for you or any of your family representative knowing fully well that this fund would go a long way to changing the society where you live.  
I must state here that MORAL and compensation is my concern.  


Mr. Stevenson Robinson

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