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Perverted refugee scam from Afghanistan- Amina Rahman and her “Divine Order”

Sometimes the scam also makes us furious.

There are so many refugee fates and again and again some brutal gangs ride on the consequences of wars and inhumanity. The mixture is as usual, with all refugee scams, what is striking here is that there are hardly any mistakes in the scam.

A reader from Germany sent us this perverted piece from the madhouse. We are speechless, to say the very least.

The story then began when people fell out of the planes as they fled Kabul to escape the Taliban. When the sheer desperation and need became visible, these creatures sat down at the computer and knitted this crap together from various other refugee scams.

Just to cut transport and notary fees or to have a way to launder money. No, there is no Red Cross flight from Kabul with money boxes in it.

To add drama to the whole story, Covid19 was also carved into Divine Providence. The last person to say this out loud died in the Reichstag bunker in Berlin. What a perversion. States are called upon to punish these creatures
Nothing in the story is true. It remained an attempt, contact broke off.
The rule is : do not answer, do not send documents, they would be used for other deeds. Move the mail to the dustbin. The real Amina Rahman was robbed of her identity. The fake Amina Rahman is being dealt with by the police, the reader has filed a complaint for the above reasons.


Thank you for your prompt response.

As a grieving wife that needs immediate action to access a peaceful country, I have had enough experience with Taliban and al-Qaeda militants attacks. My husband was a dedicated contractor in the Crude Oil and Natural Gas sector and was privately dealing on copper and gold before his death. We were very close and did everything together. My husband is my everything and I can’t move forward in Afghanistan without his input. His death and the insecurity in Afghanistan is the main reason I want to relocate to Germany if you come through for me. Like I said, it is my intention to relocate to Germany, invest and live there for the rest of my life. I can take care of my travel arrangements to Germany, but I just need your help and assistance to get my money into Germany before my arrival. I earnestly desire to get the money out of the way before leaving  Afghanistan. I don’t want to leave here without first making sure you have received the money in Germany, I do hope you can understand.

As you may know, I would like to invest this money in such investment plans which will accumulate or yield a good return, like investing in the Real Estate sector, Agriculture, Travel & Tourism, Hotel Management and other interesting sectors in Germany and other neighboring countries. Essentially, you are welcome to define and provide the best investment/business opportunities for me which you know in Germany. I am sure I can rely on your cooperation, isn’t it? I would like you to understand that I am ready to follow all procedures as well as do everything that is required by Germany Law/Notary to make my investment with you as my business partner. The entire capital at my disposal is Nine Million Euro. I locked up the money in a box and deposited it with the Red Cross here in Kabul, Afghanistan as my personal belongings. I will give you 20% of the total money as your benefit for helping me.

For the transfer of the money. Please permit me to explain to you in brief details how I intend to send the money to Germany. Every week a Red Cross relief plane leaves Afghanistan to Germany to carry relief items back to Afghanistan through the same channel of transportation, so the money is concealed in a metal box and will be sent as a diplomatic parcel through the Red-Cross airplane to Germany. When it gets to Germany, you will be contacted by the person who will receive the box in Germany, and he will deliver the box to you in Germany. This person who will receive the box in Germany will not know the true content of the box for the sake of safety, he will only know that the box contains my personal belongings which he will deliver and hand over to you in Germany, for the sake of Covid-19 social distancing restrictions, he may require you to accept local delivery to your provided address.

Confirm your full name, address and telephone number so that we can proceed, the longer the money is staying here, the more uneasy I get to move it. I do not want to lose these funds because this is my last resort for a new beginning again having lost everything I and my late husband has ever worked for. My assurance is that this transaction is 100% risk free because I made a solid and top contact to deliver the money to you in Germany without a hitch.

Waiting for your esteemed reply,


Amina Rahman.


Where do you want to receive the box?

I cannot send the box and receive the box from the Red Cross. I will need to process my travel documents first and also I have to stay back to monitor and to make sure the delivery goes smoothly as planned. I wish you could understand my points. As you may know, I am not hiding anything from you. If you are in my shoes, you cannot help but to trust someone to help you out. If I refuse to trust someone, I will die in this place and be forgotten, so I took this bold step to trust you and I believe in my heart and spirit that you shall be of great help to me and shall not disappoint me. I am an ardent believer in “Divine Order’ Meaning that: if it has been destined that you are the person that can help me achieve my set objective you will surely do it. But if you are not the one by Divine order, there is nothing anyone can do about it.


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