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The Endless Refugee-Scam from Miss Marie Richard (2)

After the first wave of the sad story of the alleged Miss Marie Richard, the further corrospondency developed into a simple spoon scam, that’s all it was from the beginning. Whole batteries of lawyers, who stole the identity of victims and certainly do not exist, took turns with our reader with the alleged Islam Bank. Of course, our reader was supposed to pay for the lawyer’s fees, which had to be paid by the victim’s assistance. So please do not answer the mails. Do not send documents, no money. Remove al mails of the culprits.

Hello dearest

Good evening, how was your day? I hope fine. I received your email, but I don’t really understand. I wanted to contact the bank but I said let me hear from you again, please forward to me the letter you received from the bank so that i will know what is needed for the funds transfer because i have some certificates with me 4. A copy of the deposit certificate of ownership we issued during the deposition to our customer late Mr. Franck Richard.5. A copy of death certificate issued by a public/general hospital confirming the death of Mr. Franck Richard.
Have a nice and lovely day.

Yours sincerely,
Miss Marie Richard

Hello my dearest

How was your day? i hope fine. I am very happy how you are handling this transfer you have a very good heart and i am very happy to know you, regarding to your forwarded updating message from the bank which they are demanding for some documents which will authenticate you to be my legal appointed trustee/representative and i have seen the four required documents to be provide to them.

However, i want to inform you that i am having with me the item number 4 and 5 which was my father’s death certificate and also the deposit certificate of ownership of the money, i kept then with the Reverend here in the camp for safe-keeping and i will be sending them to you for you to forward them to the bank when i scan them, but i don’t know this very two documents the bank is calling (Power of attorney and Affidavit of Oath/support), which they said that it is the two documents that will permit you to have my money transferred into your account on my behalf, however! without any delay i suggests that you kindly contact the bank’s lawyer on his email address as the bank referred you to, so that he will help us in providing this two legal court papers to enable the bank proceed with the transfer immediately. Remember below is the lawyer’s contact.

Barrister James Christopher (SA)
Motto: Honesty Peace & Justice
Telephone: +221-766-423-145
Email: jameslawchambers@email.com

Dear, i will like you to contact the lawyer by your self so that he will know that we are serious, when contacting the lawyer, just tell him that you have the death certificate and the deposit certificate, that you want him to help you in obtaining Power of attorney and Affidavit of Oath/support from the federal high court Senegal.

Dear, please write him immediately so that he will help us get the remaining two legal papers from the federal high court of justice here in Dakar-Senegal, and remember to send your identification as the bank demand.

Once again thanks for your kindness and caring so-far, have a peaceful and lovely day. Please do write to update me as soon as you contact the lawyer so that i will know when he will provide the papers for us. I will be waiting to read from you soonest.

Yours dearly,
Miss Marie Richard

With all due respect ,
I honorable Barrister James Christopher (SA) has noted your massage to my Chamber, sequels to the message which you have requested for our assistance for procurement and processing of some legal documents which will help you to secure your inheritance with the Banque Islamique du Senegal .
My noble law firm wish to bring to your notice that before we can proceed with this service we shall contact the Officials of ( Banque Islamique du Senegal) to confirm the legality of the transaction and we also advise you to re-confirm your (full name and complete address) as it will appear on the legal papers and also your direct telephone number to reach you if there is any urgency.
On the confirmation of the details stated above, we shall proceed to the High Court to confirm the cost of the legal papers and thereafter we shall update you.
Yours in service,
Barrister James Christopher (SA)
Motto: Honesty Peace & Justice
Telephone: +221-766-423-145

By the so called Islamic Bank:


In regard to the receipt of your email, I wish to inform you that no 4/5 certificate will be provided by your partner Marie Richard, while the no 1/2 will be provided by a lawyer from the high court. 

Hello my dearest

Good evening , how are you? And how was your day? I hope fine. I have been expecting to read from you and to know your discussion with the lawyer regarding the legal papers. Have you contacted the bank ? If yes ,what was his response ? I will be waiting for your response. 
Have a nice dream tonight .

Yours dearly,
Miss Marie Richard

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