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Never forgotten- Mrs.Sarah Leonhard and Mr. Elhaji Seck

You don’t want to remember the bad scam of Sarah Leonard. We said before.

Nigerian mafia who pretended that Sarah Leonard was in a bank in Senegal. She herself posed like a star in a backyard in Nigeria. Now she was preparing the third haul.

The alleged UBA, where she had left US$300,000 out of gratitude for the unwilling person from Europe. But Sarah is not stupid, she came back one year later. Big scammer is watching you and yor mails.
Nothing of the story is true.

Therefore: Do not answer, do not write back. Do not send your personal documents, they would be enough to blackmail you for the rest of your life. Or to commit crimes with them. Destroy the mail.

Hello my dear,

How are you once again , i hope you remember me?

I am mrs, Sarah Leonard I’m very much glad to inform you about my success in getting the fund transferred under the cooperation of a new partner from Canada.

Presently we are in Canada for some investment.  So, I am very happy that finally I get access to the money. 
Meanwhile, I didn’t forget your past efforts despite that it failed us somehow. 

I left an ATM VISA CARD that contains $300, 000, (Three hundred thousand United State Dollars ) for you, just to appreciate your past effort. Feel free to contact United Bank For Africa (UBA) 
Here is the contact Mr  Elhaji SeckThe new ATM card transfer manager United Bank For Africa (UBA)

Email: …

Telephone Number (+221)  760 273 035 

contact them for the ATM VISA CARD, Ask the bank to post the card to you, with the card you can withdraw the money from any bank there in your country or anywhere in the world.  

I do appreciate your efforts that is why I decided to compensate you. so feel free to get in touch with the bank, direct them where or how to post it for you. Please do let me know immediately you receive it so that we can share our joy together and forget all the sufferings. I am very busy here because of the investment projects which I and my partner are having at hand. 
Though I have given instruction to the bank on your behalf, therefore establish contacts with them for the delivery of the ATM VISA CARD,  to you without any delay. Take care and remain

Blessed.From, Sarah

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