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Buy Yourself A Bright Balloon was a famous song by Marika Rökk/Kurt Widmann

Buy a colourful balloon,
Hold it tight in your hand
Imagine it will fly away with you
To a faraway fairyland.

(Music: Anton Profes, Text: Aldo von Pinelli)

Screenshot Scammer,2022

The fairyland this time is Nigeria. Yes, yes, we wanted to return the favor. There’s really something for the ears. The common scammer thinks everything is ok when he writes such crap. There is no ATM card from the World Bank. Only money that is to be transferred to Nigeria via Western Union for nothing.

Or to Ghana. It is a big scam and identity theft of the in the mail mentioned persons.

So, you, the reader, better buy colorful balloons, as many as you want, let them rise, but never write back, send no documents, no money for the transport of the card or notary fees. Move the mail to the digital trash can.

United Nations Headquarters,
New York, NY 10017 , USA

Dear Sir/Ma,

We’re delighted to inform you that through the LEGAL intervention of
United Nations and World Bank delegates we have successfully secured
the release of your funds which you abandoned because of the
continuous demand for fees and certificates by those corrupt
Government officials. However, note that an initial sum of
US$5,500,000.00 only will be paid to you as part payment. Meanwhile,
to avoid any form of disruption in getting your funds to you, the said
amount (US$5,500,000.00) has been programmed into ATM MasterCard
generated with globally Automated Biometrics Identification System
(ABIS) through our affiliated financial institution which shall be
delivered to your home address. Get in touch with our Chief Protocol
Officer, Rev. Fr. Nicholas Okoh with the below details for delivering
with 48-hrs;

Rev. Fr. Nicholas Okoh
Chief Protocol Officer, Dispatch Unit.

Consequently, we advice that you stop further communication with
impersonators claiming to be local representatives concerning your
fund, we know your representatives in Africa at large, Nigeria, UK and
other countries and if you still go ahead with them, it will be at
your own risk and loss because any money you send to them for anything
will be a waste since the only fund currently due to you is
US$5,500,000.00  and it’s in the custody of Rev. Fr. Nicholas Okoh via
ATM MasterCard, so do your best to contact him for delivering without


António Guterres, the new
Secretary-General United Nation
Cc: Bertrand Badré,
Managing Director and World Bank Group Chief Financial Officer.
Cc: Mahmoud Mohieldin,
Corporate Secretary and President’s Special Envoy.
Cc: UN Debt Reconciliation Committee.

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