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This mail address has been involved in countless scams, now to top it off comes the annual Education lottery. We had that years ago. Most people will have forgotten. But in this lottery, which is actually not a lottery according to the mail, the identity was simply stolen.

The story told by the scammers is allt and farcical. No one believes such a thing. 421 millions, come on nobody believes this.

Therefore, do not reply, do not send personal documents, money for transporting the winnings and/or false notary fees, for customs of money, etc. We have come across absurd things in the scammer letters to our readers. Just move the mail to the digital dustbin.

Attention: Email Account Holder ” “
Congratulations!! Congratulations!!

Private consultation from North Carolina Education Lottery. You have been drawn as one of the winner of our North Carolina Educational international Lottery winner through your Linkedin profile. Free ticket Number: B556075456152 with reference number USJA2CP5 and Serial number SA5365/20,
Batch Number: XA87-2PY Drew the lucky numbers: 12- 18- 20- 39- 61 PB (10).

This subsequently won you the lottery in the 1st category i.e. matches 5 lucky numbers and a Power Ball number. You are
therefore allocated to claim a total sum of US$421,000,000.00 (Four Hundred and Twenty One Million United States Dollars)
in cash payment credited to file USPC/9080144308/05.

contact us for more information about the Notification and how to claim the fund.


Mrs. Janice Ramirez
Program manager
James. R. Thompson Center
100W. Randolph
7th Floor Chicago. IL60601-USA

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