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Mr. David Wilson out of the box

This time it’s UNO again, just after the cash register. Stories vary, but always in the con artist’s favor. The non-inspection fee is around $3500.

A poor story, only worth being thrown into the digital bin because it’s one of those shows in Nigeria or Ghana. The guy could not calculate the luggage last year, which used to weigh 110 kg, then 65 kg each, and hackers were unable to keep up with even the simplest of things.

Do not reply nor send your documents, the perpetrator will use them for other crimes, and do not send money, just put the mail in the electronic ash can.

I am Mr. David Wilson the Inspection Unit Manager United Nations
Inspection Agency in Harts-field Jackson International Airport
Atlanta, Georgia.

During our investigation I discovered An abandoned shipment through a
Diplomat from the United Kingdom which was transferred from JF Kennedy
Airport to our facility here in Atlanta. The two  consignment boxes is
worth $8 million, And I  Ascertain you that the consignment is in your
name, You are advise to provide Clearance and a yellow tag certificate
for claim. You are advised to Send your full details for the approval
of your fund delivery.
Contact Email:

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