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Terminal Ill Scam

Jacqueline sanchez Terminal Ill Scam

surgeons performing an operation

Another bizarre story.

But you have to be careful here. Another Terminal ill scam. It’s outstanding poor.

Scammers take advantage of Christianity to achieve their goals.

This goal is not Christian at all.

Don’t answer and don’t send documents.In no ways money. Threw away the email right away.

Hello Beloved,

I am Jacqueline sanchez a Missionary formally with Saints Peter and Paul

Church Catholic North Beach/Telegraph Hill 666 Filbert St San

Francisco, CA 94133 USA, I have the Sum of US$6M in Wanifest Bank

Before I was diagnosed with cancer of the blood and according to my

doctors I have just two or three weeks to live.

So I want you to help me stand as my Next of Kin to enable Wanifest

Bank Transfer this US$6M to you, note that you will take US$3M out of

this US$6M and give the remaining US$3M to any Charity Home here in

United States, Africa, Canada, Europe and Asia because that was the

vow I made to my God Almighty before I became a Missionary.

I want you to get back to my Lawyer immediately if you are interested

to stand as my Next of Kin, So that he can introduce you to my Bank

and direct you on how to proceed before I pass away in this world

because I have only two weeks to live according to my Doctor.

My private Email:

I await your urgent response.


Missionary Jacqueline sanchez

Saints Peter and Paul Church

North Beach/Telegraph Hill 666 Filbert St San Francisco, CA 94133 USA

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