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This mail address has been involved in countless scams, now to top it off comes the international Facebook lottery. We had that for years . But in this lottery, which is actually not a lottery according to the mail, Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg identities were simply stolen.


The story told by the scammers is old and farcical. No one believes such a thing.

Therefore: do not reply, do not send personal documents, money for transporting the winnings and/or false notary fees, for customs of money, etc. We have come across absurd things in the scammer letters to our readers. Just move the mail to the digital dustbin.


Dear e-mail address owner, Congratulation once again, Your e-mail

address was among the 2022 Facebook award winners. We use this

opportunity to congratulate you once again for your lucky winning.

This is a FACEBOOK special promo, online social media and social

networking service company.

Your Facebook winning Award prize of $700,000.00 Seven Hundred

Thousand United State Dollars will be transfer or send to you

immediately. We will open an online account for you and give you the

detaile so that you will login the online account and transfer your

fund to your bank account by yourself.

So far so good we have satisfied Ten (10) of our 2022 Facebook winners

clients, Three of them in the United States, Two in Australia, Two in

France, One in India, One in Fiji and one in Switzerland.

Be informed that we will only accept your response by telephone or

through e-mail. Do get back to us with your full information including

names, home address and telephone even copy of your id because we only

have your e-mail address here to enable us proceed the transfer of

your FACEBOOK winning prize award of $700,000.00.

Immediately you confirm your information, we will issue your Facebook

winning award certificate which backed up your winning sum before the

sum will be transfer to you.

Mark Zuckerberg


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